iPlay a dumb game with me~n/a    Seleção dos leitores (2017-06-18)

Alright here's how you play!

Click this link (mfc link) ... and imagine that you have to get a tattoo based on the item in the page you landed on!

I don't know if it can get much worse than the item I landed on:
item #267896
I'd probably get it tattooed on my huge bicep because at least it would look kind of tough.

Write a comment saying which item you got and how you feel about having to get a tattoo of it!!

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258 dias atrásKattoKatto SHSL Magical Girl
I laughed so hard when the page loaded: item #237773

I already have it on my left arm!
127 dias atrásmimicteixeiramimicteixeira
item #71033 hand me a cheese grinder

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04 dias atrástheyasminshowtheyasminshow Cashmere Cannonball
KonaKona-sama (6 dias atrás) #22350125item #190225
Oh jeez.

I'll trade you for mine: item #503545
04 dias atrásPr0wlerPr0wler
item #506526 pretty tame, was hoping for NSFW
05 dias atrásMauxjediMauxjedi
item #113718

Not sure who this is, but they look pretty cool anyway!
05 dias atrás (5 dias atrás)SegaGirl5000SegaGirl5000
item #17997
not the worst, i'd probably make it super tiny and put it on my ankle or something
i aint showing this to my boss (tm)
05 dias atráshoratiohoratio
KonaKona-sama (6 dias atrás) #22350125item #190225
Oh jeez.

Oh hell yeah.
46 dias atrás (6 dias atrás)KonaKona-samaKonaKona-sama
item #190225

Oh jeez.
16 dias atrásxuerenxueren
item #543262

No idea what to think XD they're cute but I've never wanted to get tattoos and will probably never get any. I hate the idea that they'll get saggy and derpy when we get old and skin sags.
16 dias atrássalvo_onesalvo_one
item #372326

Would make a decent tattoo, too bad I don't like One Piece....

As for location.... shoulder I guess?
16 dias atrás (6 dias atrás)horatiohoratio
I gots this one: item #276048

I still have space on my body...but I have no idea where I can put that pic...it looks like some cross-melding between FF content and Sailor Moon's artstyle or sumfing.
26 dias atrásFrickfaceFrickface
item #279429 I mean, I'm not into Sailor Moon, but that would make a pretty tattoo. Maybe on the forearm?

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