Mother!Mother!No crying until the end.

A story of Love, Courage, and Change...
Gather, for the Mother trilogy!

Take a melody,
Simple as can be.
Give it some words and sweet harmony.
Raise your voices all day long now,
Love grows strong now.
Sing a melody of Love, oh love.

Love is the power,
Love is the glory,
Love is the beauty and the joy of spring.

Love is the magic,
Love is the story,
Love is the melody we all can sing.

Comentários (7)

02 anos atrásharpeyharpey
yeah! I'm glad they're doing this. : D Hopefully they'll bring Mother 3 in later too. Spread the loooove.
02 anos atrásMobiusXMobiusX Chūnin Rank
Mother 1 released as a localized English translation as EarthBound Beginnings!
03 anos atrásPahsminaPahsmina
tachola (3 anos atrás) #1916866the fan made mother 4 is coming out soon and i'm so excited ;w;
Same! It looks so cute ;____;
03 anos atrástacholatachola loves you!!
the fan made mother 4 is coming out soon and i'm so excited ;w;
04 anos atráspiratepapillonpiratepapillon
Earthbound is one of my favorite games and I just finished replaying it not long ago!
04 anos atrás (4 anos atrás)MIKERMIKER
I've always been interested in playing this series. Maybe once it hits the virtual console I'll get the chance.
04 anos atrásharpeyharpey
Ahhh. I teared up just making this thing.




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