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My image host shut down so I'll be updating the layout. Here are placeholder pics D:


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Welcome to MyFigureCollection's Free!/ES/High☆Speed! Fanclub. Whether you are a hardcore fan and collector of the swimming anime or someone who just likes a certain character design, fans of all kinds are welcome to join.

Feel free to contact the club admin sarunamirabu for any Free!-related inquiries.

EtiquetteEtiquette• Please abide by MFC rules and policy
• You can discuss anything you want related to Free!/ES/H☆S! on the main clubroom page besides what should be posted in a designated forum thread
• Please keep BL talk in the corresponding forum thread out of courtesy
• Please keep sale advertisements for related goods in the corresponding forum thread
Advertising related MFC clubs on the main clubroom page once is permitted
Linking to illegal streams of content or bootlegs is not permitted


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11 mês atrásSShirokazeSShirokaze
3rd season is coming, guys! *-*
11 ano atrásxnatsuxxnatsux
Hello, you will need to read this!!! Its about ALTER FREE figures.
(mfc link)

I need a lot of help of FREE FANS!!!
Really read, please, if you dont want the rest of figures, please, send a mail too, we need help to complete the collection!!!!!
Please please please!!! Share to any website, in my profile have a picture with information too, to put quickly to anywhere. But please send inquiry.

Click here directly to ask for Rei, Nagisa and Sousuke
[ext link ]

Thank you a lot <3
01 ano atrástimeless54timeless54
Looking for people to take Nao, Natsuya, Ikuya & Asahi (mfc link)
01 ano atrásbirdsuitbirdsuit
Taking offers for a lot of Free! goods.

(mfc link)

I'm located in Boston, MA, USA. Please PM me if you have any questions! Thanks.
01 ano atrásChrisiChrisi
selling most of my strap collection pm if interested (mfc link) and others
01 ano atrástimeless54timeless54
Nagisa's birthday goods is out! They're so adorable [ext link ]
01 ano atrás (1 ano atrás)kurokitty-mimikurokitty-mimi
I've compiled a list of clear files for the Free! series. I'll link it here for any other clear file collectors.
(mfc link)
11 ano atrástimeless54timeless54
If anyone is interested, I'm hosting two splits (mfc link) and (mfc link)
22 anos atrás (2 anos atrás)Titan_ScientistTitan_Scientist
Splitting Free! Pic-Lil straps here, 356 JPY per strap plus shipping to you, UK or EU participants preferred. If you're not a member of the group, you can just PM me about it. I'd prefer confirmations by the 7th of November.
22 anos atrásSShirokazeSShirokaze
New trailer for Starting Days!

Shota Nagi so cuuuuuuuuute! <3

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