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Stuck with a broken figure you can't use? Need some spare parts, or you've lost some? Come to Spare Parts where you can sell, buy and swap all the parts you'll ever need!

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013 dias atrásSony-ShockSony-Shock
Looking for the botton bit at the end of Fire Emblem's Elise nendoroid staff:

This one: item #396886

I'm from New Mexico, USA, please PM!
024 dias atrásFoleosyFoleosy
Looking to buy just the front hairpiece for item #396852, from Singapore. PM me! :-D
028 dias atrásEmmerEmmer
Hi! I am looking for a Yuri Katsuki Free skate version right and left arm =) due to an accident I don`t have them anymore! I am willing to pay 30$ for both arms. let me knof if you have any <3 it would mean a lot to me
01 mês atrásCherry_OakholdCherry_Oakhold
My Skyward Sword Link's left arm is broken. Is there a spare left arm for him that I can purchase?
01 mês atráslbmanuel1lbmanuel1
Looking to buy:
Meta Knight's slash stand. Base and arm
01 mês atrás (1 mês atrás)MaronnMaronn
Looking to buy:
Godoka's nendoroid stand item #126443
Snow Miku's Twintail peg, since even the spare peg broke on mine... item #73637

Please PM me if you have some spare ones.^^"
11 mês atrás (1 mês atrás)eliayaseseliayases
Looking to buy:
Love Live Nozomi Tojo training outfit twintails.
I bought the nendoroid secondhand and the seller forgot the twintails and have not sent them, and the seller has not responded in a while.
Please PM me if you have them.
01 mês atrásAddictedAddicted
Looking to buy:
- 1 GSC Nendoroid neck plate piece (the plate that connects to the face plate and head piece)
have a spare head, spare body, spare arms legs, pretty much everything but the damned neck plate
if anyone has any spare up for grabs throw me an email with the details ^.^
i check my emails on a daily basis
02 meses atrás (2 meses atrás)alphaprotoalphaproto
Looking to get:
-The three-way connector piece from this item #396847 that's used to hold together the max charge shot

-The gunblade from this item #462751

Please PM me if you have extras of either of these.
02 meses atrásNatalie1290Natalie1290
Looking to buy:
- Noel Nendoroid crying face plate
- Any nendoroid crying faceplate with blue eyes or closed eyes
- The back part of rems hair (rem nendoroid).

Will even consider bootleg pieces

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