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Welcome to the Trading Post!
Illustration by Jungetsu Hoko

Trading figures are about trading figures, right?
That's what you can do here. Post figures that you have to trade, and post figures that you want to trade for. If you are not looking for specific figures in trade, make sure your "wishlist" is current so people can see what you're looking for.

This club is NOT restricted to trading "trading figures" only. Gashapon, resin, larger PVC... the only restriction is that the figures you offer MUST be in the database so that the other parties will know EXACTLY what figure you are offering, and what you are looking for.

Let's try and establish some Discussion formatting:
Personally I'd like to limit only one trade discussion per member.

So each person will have their own discussion. That will be your personal list, and you can update that list every time you need to edit anything.

Please look at my list as en example. You can format it any way you like and can make it pretty if you want =D.

Feel free to create as many other open discussions if you are NOT listing anything for trade, but let us keep our trade list one per member.

Now if you only have one figure or set to trade, you can format it like Yuuka_Kazami's example below. However, if you ever have another figure for trade, please re-edit the title and add to your discussion or list, so that we can keep all your activity in one discussion.

If you would like to delete and re-create a discussion to put it at the top, feel free to do that. I'm not sure if you can remove your own discussion, but if you can't, let an admin know and we can do that for you.

I think it'd be more organized if we organized trades into seperate discussions like:

[OPEN] Strike Witches Trading Figures [Euro]

following the format of:

[trade status] - [trade item] - [trade limitations]

Of course, once the trade has been completed the discussion title would be changed to:

[CLOSED] Strike Witches Trading Figures [Euro]

Once you have completed a trade, keep the club updated via the comments section. Doing this will encourage honesty and (hopefully) act as a deterrent for fraud.
Illustration by Homex


Ratings system for now until we find an easier solution, or feedback is implemented throughout the site.
+# is positive and in green | -# is negative and in red | # is neutral and in grey

Yuuka_Kazami +1 | -0 | 0
Completed trade, items delivered as specified

donsolo +1 | -0 | 0
Completed trade, items delivered as specified

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014 dias atrásPenaguinnePenaguinne
I'd like to trade my Touken Ranbu nendoroids: Kogitsunemaru, Mikazuki, Ookurikira, Shokudaikiri and Heshikiri. Mikazukis sword hilt came broken but was fixed with glue, and the rest of the figures are in good condition. I'd like to trade them all for some 1/8 scale bishounen figures(See wishlist for ideas ;D) PM if you're interested! Thanks!
03 meses atrásholicholic
Selling EVERYTHING in my collection!!!!

80% of market value + shipping!

Message me!
05 meses atrásSengokuGensuiSengokuGensui
OK, since there was no reply to my question, I will just put this here: (mfc link)
Selling a bunch of One Piece trading figures (two sets of Bandai half age characters to be precise).
Please feel free to PM for pics and info, also shipping here is cheap!

Cheers ^^
06 meses atrásSengokuGensuiSengokuGensui

Quick question - does the club rules allow for selling of trading figures?
08 meses atrásTheNekoKingTheNekoKing
Looking to trade my 1/8 mayoi gsc for the nadeko 1/8 gsc. Used like new in box. Preferably canadian trade but open to international. Pm if interested thanks.
01 ano atrás (9 meses atrás)okami34okami34
See my repost! :D
01 ano atrás (1 ano atrás)KokoLuvKokoLuv

Looking to buy or trade for a "Show by Rock!" Cyan Hijirikawa shikishi (or any goods from C90 and stuff)! I can pay cash through PayPal or I can trade some of my own stuff. Ask if you want to know which shikishi I have.

I also have a fair # of Prisma Illya stuff like the Petite Prisma Nendo (unopened) and the FSN ones, 2x signed Weiss Schwarz Kaleidoscope Illya's, Phat Company Prisma Illya Figure (Unopened), Bushiroad Card Storage box for Zwei (unopened), etc.. Also have the Prisma and HA Dollfies, but those are pretty pricey and hard to get a hold of, so I'd be hesitant to trade those out.

Would be happy to trade some of these out if you have complete shikishi sets, some of the C90 exclusive SBR stuff, or generally fairly rare SBR stuff :x

PM me please if you're interested and thanks!

I live in the U.S.A by the way.
01 ano atrásaronkenyon95aronkenyon95
Open to trade or sale or any of these figures here:

(mfc link)
01 ano atrásMartinKagamineMartinKagamine
Hello ^-^

Looking to trade my:

~Little Busters! - Kamikita Komari - 1/6 - Limited Color Ver. (Boxed)

PM me if your interested (From the UK)
01 ano atrásSuperAlpacaSuperAlpaca
Any traders in Australia?
If so pm me your trade list's please :D

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