há 43 minutosbitwaybitway
Selling him and Kyousuke (item #535930) for US $10 each or 15 together!
Only shipping within the continental US.
há 45 minutosElise_GrimwaldElise_Grimwald
I *think* this might be her:

[ext link ]

I'm hoping AmiAmi gets her too, $50 with $15 shipping is a bit much.
há 46 minutosmonkrymonkry
What is something positive that recently happened to you?
Nothing special.

What is it about figure collecting that you enjoy?
Their beauty, and the for any series that I really love, having their figures give me a flashback of their stories everytime I look at them.

Do you have any plans/goals for the future?

OTOH, it's really good for and of you to push changing major at early stage when you feel that it's not right for you. Hope you enjoy your new major :)
há 49 minutosElise_GrimwaldElise_Grimwald
adrikyn (3 dias atrás) #23617504If it's a domestic shop, unfortunately $180 was pretty much the "retail" value of him :( I only saw a few shops with him cheaper than that.

Darn it. :(. I only saw him at the domestic shops lately, and thought I had missed the dates or something from AmiAmi or Hobby Search. I wonder where the $120 price listed here came from? Regardless, darn it, I do have too many preorders to get him now. If I had known this, I might have ordered him instead of some of what I did now. >_<
há 55 minutoschaosrealm93chaosrealm93
Shimakaze69 (há 2 horas) #23764160She's so cheap I couldn't not order her lol. Plus Shiggy is a total Wifey.
I love the slits in the sides of her skirt (same with Akashi and Yammy), adds a little flirty to her business appearance lol. And that's an awesome idea having the 2 different versions of her! Sadly, since she's mostly a support ship and not very popular she won't get much more than what's already coming out. Plus it feels like KanColle is losing popularity and a lot of figures are being forgotten.

hahahaha great minds think alike :D
i like that and also the small strips of colors on her outer shirt. it something unique
also boots :D

i ahvent seen the movie yet, damn theater releases D:
when is season 2 supposed to come out? it feels like an eternity......
há 56 minutosTsuko-tanTsuko-tan
Welcome to the board ashanizer! :)

Please take the time to read our Community Guidelines.
If you need any help with the site, please have a look at the FAQ. Also, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, please report it to the appropriate discussion at The Official Tsuki Club.

Enjoy your stay! ^^
há 1 horaipwnboyzipwnboyz (~‾▿‾)~
I've fixed my limited space problem today by purchasing 2 tall bookcases, each having 5 shelves.
They will replace my current end tables on each side of my couch.

That means... more room for art books, blu rays, mangas, and of course... figures!
há 1 horaKashyKashy
RIP to one of my best childhood memories. You will not be forgotten.
há 1 horaYangWen-LiYangWen-Li
Lehst (há 14 horas) #23739179Randomly ended up here. Nice looking figure.
...how have I NEVER heard of this series. Seems like something I'd like since I'm into space opera and the old Gundam Universal Century stuff.

Yes, I know how you feel, I was the same way a few years ago. Check it out, it will blow you away. It's licensed for US release by Sentai, but who knows when we'll see the physical release. It's up on some new streaming service, HiDive I think.
há 1 horaEccmyEccmy
I went to Japan Expo for the first time. I had great fun there during the whole convention, but the first day, Thursday 9th, was the very best: I was able to snatch a ticket for the Pokemon movie screening (and thus not only saw the movie, but also Rica Matsumoto aka Ash's Japanese voice actress, and the Pokémon movies' director!), as well as item #591503, item #591504, item #549350, and item #464620 at GSC's booth! (it tremendously helped that I had a 4-day pass, as it allowed me to enter straight through Hall 5 Entrance: GSC's booth was right next to this entrance, so I was one of the very first customers in line!)

This convention also allowed me to get a ton of Streetpasses and Miis on my three 3DSes, a bit over 200 Miis each (I think I could have gotten more, but I wanted to enjoy the convention first).

Planning to make a blog about this during next week, stay tuned for it!
há 1 horaSNLSNL
I don't see how this information is relevant. This entry is for the character as a whole, not an specific incarnation of it, such as the TV series.
há 1 hora (há 1 hora)SamaritanDecimaSamaritanDecima
the figure is heavy AF, don't own any measurement scale, but feels like 1.5kg... guess the 3,840 JPY was sort of justifiable (also brought some Re:zero pinched keychains)
há 1 horaAllnighterAllnighter
I gave in.
Will be my first Kan Colle figure.
My soul is defenseless against that lovely megane expression on Shigure's face.
há 1 horaTyjosAzariTyjosAzari
I'm having a pretty good day, started off mixed and after a loss at the Casinos today I was lucky till the last place and I went into the "Go for broke." mindset and lost almost everything in my wallet into the slot machines but it's all accounted for and it wasn't a total loss since I had about $5 in quarters and nickles to save and put in with the other change in the container I use to save up my loose change.

It was one of those very hot days 119 heat index so the best thing about the day was getting home to sit in front of a nice cool fan and just relax after being out for most of the day.

One of the things that has me in a good mood is all the new stuff from SDCC that I blogged about here and I'm also working on saving up money but there is a TON of new stuff that gets my interest and that will be hard but worth it to keep working on saving up money so I can find the new stuff when it's on sale later instead of buying it as it comes out.

One of the items I have been borderline obsessing over shipped the other day so I should have it in maybe 2 weeks :Transformers Titans Returns Leader Class Overlord

The main reason I'm excited about him is that Overlord [ext link ](Masterforce) hasn't had a updated official Hasbro release and he hasn't had an updated toy in a long time and I LOVE figures that transform into a small playset.

So I'm in a very positive mood right now.

Good luck with limiting your impulsive purchases!

I felt this was relevant so had to share.
há 1 horaKalasRavenKalasRaven
Beautiful tribute. I've been listening to Linkin park all day and I've cried a lot. When I went for a walk to clear my head I wore my Linkin Park shirt and cap. I got a lot of nods and upset looks, but the best is when I was crossing the street and a guy who was at a red light rolled down his window and yelled "Chester!!!"

Such a talent and an amazing person. Love you Chester!!
há 1 horapaozomipaozomi
andre30496 (4 meses atrás) #18771466What do you think of the snow halation and nozomi idol figures from SEGA? SInce i Don't have them in person to me it looks like it's such low quality! Wanted some opinions on this
Hey sorry for the late reply ;; I actually love them both! Kiseki Nozomi is actually really good quality for her price and I got Honoka for a bargain too. I love em both. They're definitely not scale figure quality but they blend in pretty well and the sculpting is far from bad. I prefer Nozomi's figure to Honoka but I don't think they are cheap looking at all! I'm not sure if you'd find them any differently but I love them (especially since Nozomi was my first figure)
há 1 horaangelbottangelbott
Thank you for Pm. c:
That's great for want to learning sign language it will fun it like another language. XD but warning you; sign language of speed skill is may be tough..but not hurt to ask person to slow their 'talk' signs down. I can't learn you "ASL" because you from UK.. I believe it called "BSL" I'm sure in there have sign language class in easy like baby talk.. and books as well..some hand sign may be easy..but sometime it is really hard to learn them to memories..but books or video online teaching is YOUR FRIEND!! :)
If your family member is cool and don't mind for you can write notebook to them as "talk". :) like I do write my 'talk' notebook with my friends who is hearing talking. :) I wish you have a good luck I try my best to give you a advice! :)
há 1 horaCapCap
Looking for a GSC pre-order with the GSC pre-order bonus? I am willing to pay extra to you for that pre-order!
há 1 horaCapCap
Happy birthday Princess

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