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Rokiki (há 3 horas) #27526009I was thinking how the bg looks like your house, turns out it was
:D Yeah, I like that spot on my dresser for taking pics~
há 3 horasSelvariaSelvaria
She's prettier than I thought.
há 3 horasRokikiRokiki
I was thinking how the bg looks like your house, turns out it was
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[ext link ]
Just in case any one was wondering, I figured out where this version of Erza is from. It is in the Fantasia art book on page 59. In fact, about half of the existing Fairy Tail figures seem to be inspired from the Fantasia and Harvest art books.
há 3 horasAnnon-HAnnon-H
Hahaha, yep.
há 3 horasAnimeCowgirl33AnimeCowgirl33
Awesome loot! Emilia is awesome and Nana looks beautiful! I hope to have both of them in my collection one day!
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I create my own Amazon.co.jp account, order the item myself and ship it to BiginJap.

Then I use a BiginJap forwarding service. 500 yen flat. No extra fees. BiJ will notify you the item arrived and send you a shipping invoice. Read about their forwarding service here. [ext link ]
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adrikyn (há 5 horas) #27523999I'm thinking of cancelling my pre-order... I dunno. I still really want him, but his price is pretty steep! Plus, other companies have announced figures of him, and I'm definitely getting his nendoroid.

I think it comes down to whether you believe you'll like this design more than the others or not. That being said, if you do decide to pass him on, lots of people are looking to take preorders... including me. =3
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<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 (yes this many heart was necessary) <3
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item #166923
Benten is my holy grail... I'm so glad my fiance found him for a decent price bc he rose like a bitch. He's perfect in every way from his base, to his feathers to his gorgeous face and body.
item #163750
Ren was a hard find for me regarding a decent price but I eventually got him along with his postcard by surprise. He. Is. BEAUTIFUL. The sculpt is perfect and there's not a single paint flaw on him. I'm unbelievably happy I have him now as he's voiced by my favorite seiyuu and is one of my favorite routes in DMMD. ;w; <3


I posted my worst prize figures here (mfc link) but these are also pretty bad.

item #450237
While I was stoked for a ZEXAL figure and the fact it was Gagaga Girl, she fell apart REALLY fast. The magnets on her feet seemed to have been glued cheaply, like superglue. They fell off within a month and she didn't balance well at all on her base, even when magnetized. Her cell phone would NOT stay in her hand no matter how hard I clicked it in. Her paint job was a tiny bit splotchy and she was overall super cut, but I'll never buy another cu-poche after this.

item #59217
I know it's an older nendo, but Kurisu just would not stay on her base. If she slightly tilted just a bit, she would do a backflip and stand on her head (literally). She's also kind of boring as she has that weird face and not much that sticks out except her lab coat and smug face.
há 4 horasTiddlyWinksTiddlyWinks
Buying for $180 Brand New NIB USA if anyone interested in selling.
há 4 horasAureaLucretiaAureaLucretia
I'm a bit annoyed because mine came with a little chunk missing of her collar (pic here). It's really minor, so I'm not sure if its something GSC will compensate me for. I don't know if I should try contacting them anyways - anyone have any advice on this?
há 4 horastake123take123
Super cool setup. Love the attention to detail.
há 4 horasNia-kunNia-kun
so... does Pulchra own the rights to do all the Yuzuki figures or what???? they seem to be the only company that does her but I can't stand their reputation or the fact they continually use resin :\
há 4 horasNia-kunNia-kun
I have to say all the Banpresto Madoka figures :\

item #99588
My fiance got me this Mami (the first figure she ever bought for me). She is very unstable, just dusting her lightly would cause her to wobble and her gun to fall, Otherwise, she is definitely the best out of the others listed. Her paint job is done rather well and she's important to us as a couple so not the ultimate worst, we agreed. lol

item #101422
This one was an Xmas gift to us. We really appreciate it and really wanted this one as I love her pose and the fact she has her bow. However, her mid section does not connect all the way which leaves a HUGE gap. She also suffers from Wobble Syndrome as we could barely dust her without her falling over. Her paint job is REAALLLYYY bad too, smudges all over and the red on her dress bleeds off its patterns and onto the white/pink parts.

item #183134
item #183133
These two were the saddest of all. My fiance and I got them together as cute couple thing between us since they are supposed to have their hands touching. They don't do that at all. Homura's hand and Madoka's hands are at completely different angles to where they don't match up whatsoever. They don't wobble, but again, their paint jobs are atrocious.

It's weird because Banpresto's prize figures are usually pretty decent (I own lots of their Sonicos). They just fell flat and hard with Madoka for some reason, which sucks.

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