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Por aqui no MFC e no Reddit você pode achar tópicos de pessoas solicitando devolução do dinheiro pago antecipadamente em pre-orders e até em pedidos de itens já lançados, visto que não estavam enviando mais nem o que se encontrava disponível na loja antes do site sair do ar. Eles simplesmente abandonaram de repente o negócio sem mais explicações.
há 5 horasKaneelKaneel on Ice

please change the category of all recent mammon uploads to chan.

These are neither promo nor blog review pictures provided by the manufacturer but review pictures from AmiAmi posted on the news site here -> [ext link ]
Please update the source link to this review and double check that every picture is properly linked to the database entry.

há 5 horasMirukageMirukage
Marih (há 6 horas) #27523659Falando em loja.. que fim levou a Anime Island? Essa semana tentei entrar no site pra ver o preço de uma figure e descobri que tanto o site quanto qualquer coisa relacionada à loja sumiu. Também vi vários comentários de gente com um monte de po com eles enlouquecendo :x
Nossa, quase peguei um item lá. :O
Seria a Mordred de Fate Apocrypha.
há 5 horasseargolidseargolid
8myers8 (19 dias atrás) #26658407WoW why does this one sell for so much now i have all 3 off them cost me around £200 each , when came out, from United Publications uk , would never sell her anyway :) How do you even know when medicom is gonna make a new Real Action Hero figure? I heard that this Ryuko sold out in like an hour
há 5 horas (há 5 horas)BlackUsagi2013BlackUsagi2013
PM if selling, looking for others also (Yamato, Shimakaze, Kaga, etc) US seller & USD preferred
há 5 horas (há 5 horas)SkyBlueSkyBlue
Oh I forgot to ask where is this Hobby Off?? I've never heard of them...I know Book-Off but not Hobby-Off :3
há 5 horasSkyBlueSkyBlue
You have incredible restraint to resist buying all the merch while in Japan! XD God, animate is really Heaven on Earth I tell ya especially the main store over at Ikebukuro. The sheer amount of BL stuff over there makes my heart melt :'D
há 5 horas (há 5 horas)BlackUsagi2013BlackUsagi2013
dogs547895 (4 meses atrás) #21975013how much did you buy it for

$45 with free shipping from AmiAmi. She fits my iPhone. I got rid of my crappy galaxy S5
há 5 horasYuki-KawaiiYuki-Kawaii
I wanted an official figure of someone from Fruits Basket... Tohru, Yuki, Kyo... whoever
Oh, and Noragami! Yukine and another figure of Yato. He has only one, and is incredibly expensive and almost impossible to get... *sighs*
há 5 horasArieArie veteran puella magi
she's going to be so pretty I can't handle it
há 5 horas (há 5 horas)KashyKashy
I usually don't like figures with rods sticking out from their bases but I have to say that it works really well for this Honoka figure. Probably because being the leader/center of µ's, the rod really sticks out that you can't help but pay attention to her (in a good way). The more I look at her displayed in my shelf, it's really not that bad at all. That's just me though but anyways... I love this figure.
há 5 horasadrikynadrikyn
I'm thinking of cancelling my pre-order... I dunno. I still really want him, but his price is pretty steep! Plus, other companies have announced figures of him, and I'm definitely getting his nendoroid.
há 5 horasotaku-kabobotaku-kabob
Absolutely adorable! Ryuuko's expression is perfect for this setup! ^_^
há 5 horasAmimiharuAmimiharu
Yes! Is my place *-* I'm in! <3
há 5 horaszir0zir0
ONITAICHI (há 6 horas) #27523941zirão, com essa vc arrebentou

gostei tanto dessa
há 5 horas (há 5 horas)SeikiSeiki
Literally anyone for Deadman Wonderland. There's no figures for that series besides a couple of garage kits.

More love towards Anri, Masaomi, & Mikado from Drrr that isn't just trading figures would be great.

Anyone from KH that isn't Sora, Riku, or Roxas. Goddamn Square. Give us Terra, Ven, Xion, Org 13 (especially Larxene, my Queen), Kairi, or even Namine.

I'm also severely disappointed in Koto's Pokemon scale line skipping on Johto's Kris or Lyra. Johto in general needs love with Ethan/Gold & Silver needing some figures. FRLG's Leaf could use some too.
há 5 horasReianna_TrancyReianna_Trancy
I love your YT channel! Keep up the great work!! :)
há 5 horasReianna_TrancyReianna_Trancy
I love your YT channel! Keep up the great work!! :)
há 5 horasMacavyMacavy
Hetalia recently got figures but only for Japan . . .I thought I was safe for once liking a fairly popular character, America, but no news has come of more characters. ;-; Plz GSC
há 6 horasTsuko-tanTsuko-tan
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