há 3 horasEonKittenEonKitten
At first this figma was really underwhelming for me. But the body can be useful with other figma and I'm really interested in her slightly "concerned" expression. I could use that faceplate with all her other variants for all kinds of situations. So wishlised!
há 3 horasDaichukiyoDaichukiyo
Nice review and great photos! I wasn't sure about getting her before, but now I really like her and will probably cave in and order her! ^^
há 3 horasSilverwindSilverwind
Great job, I'm impressed that you even included some shading! If this comes close to how she turns out I'll have to get her in spite of me then probably already having the 1/7-Jibril of Phat and the small Chibi-Jibril that came with Phat's Shiro :D
há 3 horassongokousongokou
kanji_xiii (2 meses atrás) #19380652Thanks for the recommendation. I do like the Strong World sculpts, but I wanted something canon and given that most of the NEO figures were based on SkyPiea and I found a NEO-3 Zoro for 3,000 yen I decided to get that in the end. I'm sure it will still look great next to NEO-DX Ace.

Oh and by the way...the Neo-3 Zoro was actually sculpted by the same sculptor as this.
há 3 horasTraMikuniTraMikuni
Nachopaint (há 3 horas) #22548369I've done it, so its not official >.<

oh lol, but nice work
há 3 horasdogs547895dogs547895
Lowered to $40 free shipping ; - ; take it off my hands.
há 3 horasLivingDaylightLivingDaylight
Nachopaint (há 3 horas) #22548369I've done it, so its not official >.<
it should be in Various category then, no?
há 3 horasLehstLehst
I've learned to only swap nendoroid parts while I'm sitting on my bed or above a soft surface. I'e dropped their heads on tables or the floor too many times. I need to paint over the scuffs on their hair... at the very least, two of them are getting a new paint job to begin with so that's not so bad.

I hope I don't stupidly bend any more pegs either. orz

I don't have as many scale or prize figures so the drop rate for those is pretty low. I freak out when one of my bjd face-plants tho! Luckliy they don't have any chipped noses.
há 3 horasmimicteixeiramimicteixeira
i'm from mexico, and i mostly buy from online stores, but there is a few local stores i visit here, they're official bandai distributors, and they usually put things on the shelf like one or two months after the release date on japan
há 3 horasmickeydeerhomickeydeerho
Ribbon girl Miku may be my personal favorite in my collection; even more than the Hanairogoromo version. I didn't notice the "L, R", that's a nice touch.
há 3 horas (há 2 horas)BayuroBayuro
If you ask me I prefer Figma. Maybe because of my mature age and I prefer proportions, details or accuracy. I also likes the challenge of owning some Figmas because of those numerous and delicate joints.

Nendoroids seems to be the prefered choice of many figure collectors than Figma because of it's cheaper and more series to choose from so it's a lesser challenge to collect them.

Additional fact from Figma and Nendoroid. The Nendoroid was introduced in 2006 then followed by Figma two years later. Nendoroid is the older series which is why it's more ubiquitous than Figma.
há 3 horasjayce321jayce321
Man I want her but the flipper prices are just disgusting...
há 3 horasCrowMaidenCrowMaiden
Honestly I know it's a long shot that anyone would be willing to sell, but I would REALLY like to buy the spoon and original colour arm for my standard Beel.
há 3 horasNachopaintNachopaint
TraMikuni (há 3 horas) #22548257shit she's already painted! Very nice colours :D
I've done it, so its not official >.<
há 3 horasipwnboyzipwnboyz (~‾▿‾)~
For me, it really depends on how I intend to display them, and the huge character selection of nendoroids makes it a lot easier over figmas overall.

It's also worth mentioning that I'm into Touken Ranbu sword boys, and so far there are plenty of nendoroids and scales, only 1 figFix and 0 figma, guess it's pretty obvious where my money will go.

However, if I were into Attack on Titan figures, I would definitely see the appeal of figmas, they just fit well with that line and there's many characters to pick up from.
há 3 horas (há 3 horas)NachopaintNachopaint
Well, This is how I think Jibril nendoroid will be... Hope you like my job ^^ If there's something wrong I'd appreciate you tell me :) This ISNT OFFICIAL
há 3 horasTraMikuniTraMikuni
shit she's already painted! Very nice colours :D
há 3 horasfrostwonderlandfrostwonderland
Looking to buy the poster! Please PM me if you're selling yours ^^
há 3 horasMashinMashin
I just got her for 13,480 ¥ on AmiAmi, Condition A/B.
She'll go well with my 2 other limited Mogudan figures.
I'm so glad I found her!

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