há 48 segundosDrSeehundDrSeehund
I hope he get a girl to dance with :D (I want the pretty dresses )
há 1 minutoRedCloudRedCloud Alibaka
T-dawg (há 1 hora) #26306781Thanks! I see you've got quite a collection aswell and whereabouts in Australia you from? Oh and don't worry I do slave work at KfC too quite a downgrade frim my previous job :;(∩´﹏`∩);:
Haha thanks man. I live all the way south in Victoria in a tiny town, Portland. It's on the border between South Australia so yeah, pretty isolated and far from Melbourne lol.
I'll be moving to Melbourne for college next year though as I'm taking a gap year :)

And yeah man I feel ya KFC fucking sucks lol. It's money though and it's been paying for my figure spending so I can't really complain aha. What was your job beforehand?
há 6 minutoscremareocremareo
you have GREAT TASTE
há 8 minutoscremareocremareo
omg bless
há 9 minutoscremareocremareo
why is this nsfw
há 11 minutos (há 2 minutos)naikouseinaikousei no Tabi
Whoa there. I'm definitely no prude, but this one makes me INCREDIBLY uncomfortable, yikes. In distress, check. Young, check. Non-con vibes... (not at all the same as BDSM, just in case someone jumps on me, ha) ...check.


18+ companies, PLEASE make more ero-figures where the women are clearly having a genuinely good time. I realize that concept probably wouldn't sell as well, but I feel like the market is saturated with figures of women struggling and in distress and it makes me really sad.
há 16 minutosTheMaulerTheMauler
Congrats MH you're doing a fantastic job of fooking up the DBZ female figures.
há 17 minutosHatReadyHatReady
this, this is beautiful!
há 21 minutosnaikouseinaikousei no Tabi
Wait, so these are going to be sold separately? That's a shame. :/
há 25 minutosnaikouseinaikousei no Tabi
machuba (1 mês atrás) #24106227unpopular opinion here but I'm kind of relieved they dont look like cast-off. i understand the desire for r18 male figures but they look too young to have anything interesting going on downstairs lmao @v@

Same, tbh. I think them being cast-off would make me feel a little too uncomfortable just because of their appearance, age-wise. If they looked decidedly older I might feel differently.
há 33 minutosKiz-xoKiz-xo
moonangelica (há 1 hora) #26307064I know right?*blessed*
Not a big fan of Akai or Tooru so I've skipped them but I'm super excited for Heiji!
What I really really want though, even more than Kaito, is a Ran scale. I know everyone's all about the boys but Ran's my bae, I love her, but she gets crap all merc. I've got some nice clear files and there are some keychains and some pretty ugly trading figs but not much else T^T

Ahh i do also hope for a Ran in the future, (And although Kaito is #1 priority and wished) I Do also hope for a Sera one day!
Sera to me, is (probably) Ran for you xD
But she doesnt even get small crappy figures xD She has like a keychain and thats it </3 (Doesnt even have my straps!)

Hope they decide to broaden the range and include more characters (Why stop here UC and GSC? Why not made allllllllllll the characters LOL, Jks that's not how it works. wish they would make all the main characters and Kids though!)
há 40 minutosICantBelieveItsICantBelieveIts
Not to be rude, but a post like this would be better suited to a personal journal, such as on your own account, a club, a tumblr or twitter. A better suited post for a front page of MFC might be worded differently, such as, "What's your budget for the rest of the year? [POLL]" with a well-written topic and something worth replying to/creating a conversation about. Alternatively, "Here are the figures I bought for the year and my budget, what do you think? How do you budget?" or something along those lines. Have a good day!
há 43 minutosRuiseRuise
agentmozell (há 3 horas) #26304509So have a lot of other things that are already out for preorder. But we haven't heard anything else about this figure. At this rate the hype for P5 will have fallen down and probably, with exception of the more popular characters, not many people will want to preorder them. Even if it is to complete a P5 cast.
I know I'm starting to feel that way.

I dunno, I FOR SURE think they should pick up the pace with the P5 figures/merchandise, but the hype for P4 kind of never died down to the point that it wasn't constantly the subject of new content and discussion. In fact it peaked 4 heckin' years later with Golden.

Maybe they're waiting for Dancing Star Night? (^_^);
há 43 minutosShogunyanShogunyan
I'm considering selling my KotoUS Exclusive version of this figure. I'm still waiting on shipping confirmation from Kotobukiya, but if anyone is interested in buying the exclusive version from me, please let me know.
há 45 minutosCalvusxe1tzCalvusxe1tz
All of the delays are insane. I placed my pre-order December 2015. Almost 2 years now.

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