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Where are you from?
I know one guy in Spain who sell his Kakashi for 150€ plus shipping but without box.
ObiWanShinobi (1 mês atrás) #19228230want to buy for around 200 euros pm me
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há 3 minutosAgletAglet
So much fandoms I see here :'D
há 4 minutosnaisornaisor
[ext link ]

So, Volume 11 of the Light Novel series will release on May 25th. We were getting to two years of no updates, but finally. :' )
há 4 minutosfalugalobfalugalob
I would just return all 3. Good news is if the seller won't take the return, ebay almost always sides with the buyer in disputes.
há 10 minutostomatoofdoomtomatoofdoom
This is such an awesome collection!! :D
há 10 minutosHarcoHarco
Caved and pre-ordered as well. I kept telling myself I didn't need it, but the statue simply looks too good to pass up.
há 11 minutosKlonKlon Solo Rei basta!
setsunyan (3 dias atrás) #20247362How nice of Amakuni to include separate bases for people who are complete monsters and want to keep them apart (:

I'd even sell them separately.
há 12 minutosMC707MC707
Here's my two cents. As an American, I was once charged $20 for an item I got from germany (not a figure). The cause? The retailer happened to use Fedex. To add insult to injury, they sent a letter like two weeks or a month after I got the item asking for the "customs fees". I ignored like three of their letters but they threatened to sell the debt to collections so I just paid. Never used Fedex again and I've never had to pay for customs fees again. The item was less than $300 so it was way under the threshold.
há 14 minutos (há 9 minutos)okami34okami34
Edward was your first Bishoujo figure as well?! Same here! (I don't really see me buying another bishoujo figure any time soon Unless Koto intends to expand on the Horror bishoujo line! I'm surprised that Edward fell under the horror bishoujo line, I don't recall the Edward Scissorhands movie ever being scary.)I love Jason's bishoujo, but I never liked Jason himself. I hate his character, but I love his bishoujo. Ah, what to do...

But yes, I am glad that Koto toned down the "sexiness" with this figure. If they didn't.. I don't know what I would do! I would love to see a bishoujo Sweeny Todd in the future.... (Tim Burton and Johnny Depp are my favs! <3 )
há 15 minutosMakaizouMakaizou
jeremiah (há 1 hora) #20411437That's crazy, I've never really seen AmiAmi sell out before. Much less on a non-exclusive, non-limited version of a Koto figure.

Same here, I saw the first pre-order freeze in less than a day... and now the second one. It's crazy.
há 16 minutosbreakericbreakeric
Yeah, Sakura seems bland. But yo, I wouldn't mind Jiraiya, that would be a cool addition. Or if they did her right, Tsunade! Would be sweet. And yeah, most of the fans want Akatsuki!!! I wish they'd make them all lol. also I talked to my ex and she said she would send me that Inuyasha figure back if she could find it :D yesssss, I remember I wiped his face and tried to repaint it but failed, so I gotta redo his face lol. But should be easy :D
I had the Ichigo Figuarts back when it was first released, but he was sort of a "clunky" figure, his legs were very loose at the hips and the knees were hard to bend since he was wearing his robe. but man did he ever look cool displayed with his mask!! i think i took down the pics i had of him though :( i had lots of cool ones posted here but i deleted them when i was younger for some reason???
há 17 minutosAimathystAimathyst TOM Affiliate
Wow so beautiful! *v*
há 17 minutosRPG_FAN128RPG_FAN128
Jason_Wander (há 7 horas) #20401731Ugh, I hate play asia with a passion. Cancelled so many orders of mine.

Oh yeah? This is my third order from them in all my 6 years of figure collecting. The first 2 orders were in-stock, and this would be my first pre-order from them. I would definitely be sad if my order was cancelled! *crosses fingers* ^_^
há 19 minutosokami34okami34
I misunderstood your last comment then. Sorry. DX

Anyway,... Koto now has an 'Ikemen' line (technically I think it's a retrieval of what was supposed to be their 'Bishonen' line from about 5 years ago.)Koto may or may bot go through with this line, but if we do, we may get a male Edward! Even tough Edward is a girl, I think they kept his name and didn't genderbent it so that people would know who he is. Or, maybe it could be because of the way he and all the other character under this line were licensed.romevi (há 9 horas) #20388556Never said you did!
But I want the regular, male version. Weird that they kept the name Edward for this bishoujo.
há 21 minutoskillindarlingskillindarlings
Merchandise for this show is so scarce you'd think these were magic bullets or something.
há 22 minutos (há 20 minutos)CicielyCiciely
Phil_Liz"For example, when I want to know how big something is. I think the best way to get a feeling of how big e.g. a figure (or it's box) is, is to watch a video where a person is next to it or holds it. Sometimes I also watch unboxing videos if I have to put a figure back in it's box and can't remember where the parts belong lol"

^ I couldn't agree more.

I prefer reading the loot posts here versus videos. I'll read 'em even if I don't know the series they got a majority of their items from. It's still interesting and I get pleasure seeing people open "presents". Everything nicely displayed in a group shot.
há 22 minutosMykaMyka
Everybody complaining and I'm just sitting here waiting for POs to open up so I can secure mine.
há 23 minutosAimathystAimathyst TOM Affiliate
Kaneel (há 35 minutos) #20413213Please do not hotlink to the picture file but the tweet(from the looks of it) the picture appears.

Thank you for pointing that out, I fixed it! :)
há 24 minutos (há 11 minutos)wewewewe
This reminds me of the Rory Mecury PO, it was switching between open and closed pre-orders up until the week she released (the price never changed, just the availability). Gonna hate shipping costs so will probably order locally, so might as well make a list for it:

$110 /w 20%down (~$101 for upfront payment) - animeisland (with coupons)

11,380 - nipponyasan
11,690 - biginjap
11,740 - amiami
12,420 - hobbysearch
13,110 - hlj

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