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alazif03 (5 meses atrás) #22358954I know for FJ basic plan, but I wanted to order the Daki right away and I can choose SAL shipping with BiJ whereas FJ doesn't offer this method for orders over 6k. It depends on what I order whether I choose FJ or BiJ.
Ragna's Daki has been released recently so it's probably unused. And I always wash my Dakis unless I buy them new. Now that I'm using them every day -or night- I'd like to have some. I don't want them to get damaged if I wash them too frequently. But I need to slow down a bit...
Yeah, it seems that Kokonoe's following Rachel and Makoto's path. Too bad BiJ canceled your order when she has been released! Do you still want her though?

Oh they dont? I forgot luckily my order was below anyways ^^" i just dont like BiJ anymore as their service isterrible.. they dont even want to remove the receipt unless i pay for repack service.. so yeah since i dont want custom trouble no BiJ for me anymore.. not worth it. Even ems without customs (in case of Fj above 6k) is cheaper than sal with customs,,

And yeah as i said, i still regret it so yeah i still want her. I also want makoto, rachel however nope shes just too ugly.. her bangs especially.. i had a chance getting makoto for 60 or 65 euros total so yeah facepalming now :/ asshe suddenly went up..

Yeah i actually barely wash my dakis.. only the 100% cotton ones so not smooth knit etc the rougher older dakis i got of louise go in the washing machine.. rest i just hang up with a breeze of air and i dont really sweat much so its enough..