05 meses atrásReizumoReizumo
I'm planning on biting the bullet on this one too. The price hasn't put me off like Bell Fine's Saber (I'm glad I didn't risk it!)

It looks like they open preorders tomorrow, I just started following them on twitter ^^

shilka (5 meses atrás) #22356647I did not notice the price before now but 12,800 is actually reasonable
If the final figure turns out as good as the prototype 12,800 yen ends up being a pretty good price
Seems like Licorne want to avoid the mistakes Bell Fine did which had their prices sky high and their quality somewhat mediocre
Please dont overpriced your figures when you are a new company as it will give you a bad rep that might never be overcome
Think i am going to take a chance and pre order her after all as the price at least is reasonable
Anyone know when pre orders begins or have they already begun?