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LovelyIdiot (4 meses atrás) #23846122Looks like the GST for low value imports are gonna become a thing in 2018 instead now: [ext link ]
'You will meet the registration turnover threshold if your sales to Australian consumers in a 12 month period are A$75,000 or more'
If I'm reading that correctly, does that mean sites (businesses) that don't fulfill that condition wont have their AUS-bound products taxed? I'm unsure how other countries do the tax thing but the way this webpage reads - it seems really all up to the overseas business to register for GST, which seems like a turn-off for overseas companies trying to sell goods to AUS-based customers. The whole thing seems clunky, though that's my 5 cents, given my lack of knowledge of how countries' who successfully(?) tax international goods systems work.