36há 10 horasEastEast
more slutty boys
331 dia atrás (1 dia atrás)PlasticomPlasticom
Why is she so expensive? It's such a simple figure.

I pass.
17há 19 horasSkyBlueSkyBlue
I shall sculpt nips for my gorgeous Jiji ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
15há 11 horasTiggerSharkTiggerShark
His hair colour looks a bit strange in the photos, but maybe it's just filters or the lighting?
14há 18 horas (há 4 horas)ronnibun41ronnibun41
...he looks pretty dang good. Face and everything is exactly like the illustration; they even put the dirt detail on him which is a plus. I'd like to see some other swords with awakening poses in the future (hopefully)

Edit: good to see that he's standard release! And even if he bins, I'll still support the line full price and all cuz I wanna see more swords being made.
14há 17 horaskankurokankuro
They remember to correct the sword guard, but what about his nip?
12há 10 horasharoharo mizu no akashi
TiggerShark (há 11 horas) #22779599His hair colour looks a bit strange in the photos, but maybe it's just filters or the lighting?

It's filters. These are from Mitsurou Kubo's instagram and she always uses filters. She has an exhibition right below the GSC offices right now, so they let her come up and photograph the Yurio nendo and post photos on her insta.
11há 9 horaswhatdoyouwishwhatdoyouwish
Elaha (há 9 horas) #22782914Only two face plates and no cat ears? ╥︿╥

Unlikely. These are just pics from Mitsurou Kubo's instagram, it's probably not a complete reveal.
10há 6 horas (há 6 horas)tacholatachola
our gay mother miku is here to save us all
(really cute, great job!!)
10há 9 horasLienLien
1/4 Victor Nikiforov bunny scale
come on Freeing get on it
101 dia atrásShinkaiiShinkaii
ICantBelieveIts (1 dia atrás) #22720505Who is this again...?

As much as this joke is overused and unfunny, in case of this figure it fits pretty well since it has zero resemblance of the character whatsoever.
91 dia atrásdebinoresudebinoresu
fuck off, scales are getting exclusive accessories now? if they want people to buy from the source so bad they should sell their items at the best value. if amiami can afford to sell her for 10k, gsc should be able to as well.

shes lovely regardless, and her price isnt bad. just kind of pissed at gsc's desperate bonuses.
91 dia atrásICantBelieveItsICantBelieveIts
I love the bonus but it'll easily cost an extra $30 to get it instead of just ordering on amiami -__- yikes
8há 6 horasCrimsonPumpkinCrimsonPumpkin
Protypes for:
item #464588
item #549406

More Card Captor Sakura is welcome

and plz Ten Count Figures c'mon Native, just do it!
7há 10 horas (há 10 horas)maggiemaggie
Hmm, I'd like to see more FMA & BNHA nendoroids, more Haikyuu, One Punch & BNHA figmas (dare I say FMA figmas??). If a Mako figma from KLK or more HxH Figmas are announced I will literally scream and fall off my chair.

Decent scales from any of those series would make me happy as well!

I'd also LOVE some decent Inuyasha scales.

... and decent Sailor Moon scales. Not from Bandai.
71 dia atrásBloempjeBloempje Hunting my grails
MY GOD SHE IS WEARING PANTS. Call the newspapers.

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