331 dia atrás (1 dia atrás)solluxcaptorsolluxcaptor
I've seen people use bootlegs for customs before. In a way, I think it is safer with bootlegs but of course you have to question if you want to support the bootleg industry or not. I think there's no right or wrong answer, it's just your personal thoughts and preference.

You can expect the quality of the joints etc to be worse on the bootleg though.
301 dia atrásAkibaMelonAkibaMelon
I wonder a bit where people get the idea from that figmas are supposed to be cheap >.> Just today it occured to me that designing a figma is quite a task. Translating 2D character designs into a fully flexible action figure that's able to pull off characteristic poses while staying as close as possible to the source material, so that the fans are happy, is challenging - and imho in absolutely no way compares to something like Funko Pops.
281 dia atrásYuinnaYuinna
I don't. Lol.
201 dia atrás (1 dia atrás)franjandarfranjandar
I have submitted this nendoroid face plate, just for the laughs: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/376485121274150914/390252062069227540/faces.png
181 dia atrásrufusdrumknottrufusdrumknott
If you dont want to support the bootleg industry, you could always ask around for people who have accidentally bought bootlegs in the past and havent got rid of them yet.
14há 19 horas (há 19 horas)DonkeyBlonkeyDonkeyBlonkey
Just some food for thought.

As bad as supporting the bootleg industry is; collectors refusing to pre-order to hope for a bargain bin, refusing to buy blurays and torrenting/watching third party streams are what hurts the anime industry even more.
101 dia atrásnyugvo6nyugvo6
Figma is going downhill. This is a fact.
Constant price hike.
Less accessories with each release.
GSC "preorder bonus."
No more seasonal anime figures.
Ugly box.

Now with all the complaints done, here's what I think:
figma will fade out in time, but not anytime soon. GSC made some awful decisions. Awful to us, and awful to them. While these don't clash, they both add to a big loss of customers.
I consider the price hike nothing but corporate greed. They follow the example of play arts, trying to push prices to the limit by now. Of course there's inflation which is not their fault, and them bringing home the factories from china will increase production cost too. But when you add the massive downsizing on the accessories to the mix it doesn't add up anymore.
Price is a HUGE concern, when you feel you get less for what you paid for in the past. figma started with 2500yen figures and the quality didn't get that much better simply because it was always good. I could justify paying 5000 for a figma, but not 10000yen.

Trying to monopolize on sales with preorder bonuses is a mixed bag. It makes my blood boil at times when it's something crucial to the character, and I'm totally indifferent when it's something stupid.
I consider the "something stupid" things like love live crunchies or winter scarfs a nice gesture. But when it's a weapon, an alternate hair, a faceplate, or something the character constantly uses it's downright evil and unforgiveable. Let's say I bite and order through GSC. What happens next is that I'm FORCED to pay their 4000yen forced EMS, and on top of that pay for my other order I didn't place on GSC. Twice the postal fee already. I don't exclusively order GSC products, what about those? So I don't use their webshop, instead I make the smart decision. But at the same time I feel cheated out of something, and if I can't have the full package, I'd rather not have it at all. There are exceptions of course, when it would've been godsent to have the extra stuff excluded. Gilgamesh's naked torso and fancy box can burn in hell for all I care, I would've been happier with a Gates of Babylon backgdrop, or a sane pricetag.

The ugly box doesn't matter honestly to me. It looks bad but won't influence my purchase either way. I don't display figures in their boxes.

I saved the important part for last. Who's the target audience?
Clearly not the same group of people from 10 years ago. It's rare to see a new seasonal anime figma or anime figma at all these days. Why? Did japan stop caring about anime? Is anime no longer profitable? Are browser/phone games and meme figures that popular?
The thing about phone games is, that they have so many characters that it must be hell to choose which one to release. I think it's just as much of a risk as releasing a seasonal anime character. They will shelfwarm just the same.

Two more things are important to mention. I read in an interview that it's up to the sculptors what they do. If they're not into the next big thing it won't have any figma, and most importantly: nendos are much, much cheaper and easier to produce and sculpt than show accurate sculpts with articulation.

Here's a better question. How do we fix figma? IMO, they should fix the price range around 5000yen, stop cheaping out on accessories and make very throughout decisions when it comes to online shop bonuses.
9há 6 horasgrizzengrizzen
AnimeGuruma (há 9 horas) #29755950...y'all are seriously wanting a figure of a big titty futa girl sitting on a toilet with a humongous veiny penis coated in pee?

Wait what, fetishes exist? Crazy!!!
91 dia atrás (1 dia atrás)LilieLilie
I love the figma line and they are my favorite figures to collect, but there's been a huge lack of 'good' variety and the lack of interesting character designs, while at the same time the prices of figmas have doubled since 2012. Good example of the ridiculous figma prices is the Love Live figma's: item #287760 for example was 5,3k yen for a simple school girl figma with barely any accessories. Remember when you could get a amazingly designed figma for around 3k yen: item #98875

Figmas used to be so affordable, but not anymore.

The GSC article you mentioned, did it have any mention of the manufacturing moving from china to japan? I remember there was someone talking about it few years ago and how it would increase the prices.
91 dia atrásKlalaKlala
I like figmas better than Nendoroids and I think posing them is a lot of fun but what stops me from buying more is their price, especially the most recent figma's...Maybe the quality is good but I don't like spending so much money for a figure that is so small. I could get multiple larger prize figures with the same amount of money... I still don't want to see the line disappearing though, I hope that won't happen :(
91 dia atrásMyondazeMyondaze
It's really sad to see the decline in figma, considering there are so many series and characters I would have loved to see in that form. The rising prices make me not want to buy them as much anymore though, I can't justify $70 on a small action figure. They are probably the highest quality of action figures, but way too pricey. Maybe if they came back down to what their prices were a few years back they'd still be popular like nendos, but that's just a far dream.
8há 22 horasSerpentyleTorcSerpentyleTorc
>arrange everything super nice
>buy more
>shit now i have to rearrange everything from scratch
81 dia atrásRicottaRicotta
I'm still extremely upset about the Hunter's figma item #464592 which is a great testimony to figma's current state (huge price, barebone accessories, GSC bonus that should have been mandatory...), especially since I remember the time when they were cheap. Nendos haven't inflated like that, figmas were just less successful and popular, and that trend will probably continue with the current policy.
81 dia atrástharglettharglet
I order stuff... receive it, then try and work out wtf I'm gonna do with it... yeah... this planning thing? Not so good.

I prefer displays to be a mix rather have all my similar stuff together. Some pictures of stuff like "all the Asukas" look nice as a photo but I wouldn't want to do it in my own home.
81 dia atráskatsudonkatsudon Play-Along Tsukkomi
Got my invoice this morning, time to close out this chapter in my life and start a new one... Hello, Aqours.
7há 12 horasDribzDribz
I'm honestly loving that they're just straight-up including her ero doujin work on those pages. It's a small-ish detail, but one I'm really glad for.
7há 20 horas (há 20 horas)riringoriringo
Free_Phi (1 dia atrás) #29734029The violet eyes are the giveaway. This is picked up from Daeny's description in the ASoI&F book series.
But Gwendolyn's eyes are violet. Look at Alter's scale from 2008 or Yamato's scale from 2011. They're both a shade of blue-purple. Even the artwork from the game has her with the same eye colour. On a wider scale, violet eyes are not unique to Daenerys... in fact it's a common characteristic for Japanese character deigns. In fact I can think of several artists who seems to have a fetish for that particular eye shade.

Free_Phi (1 dia atrás) #29734029Blend that with the elegiac, mournful vibe of her depiction on GoT, and you've got this character.
Once again, that quality isn't unique to Daeny. Gwen is a valkyrie warrior princess who is struggling with self identity/discovery, so it makes sense why she's elegant and mournful. This figure is literally based on a scene that appears in the original game, I don't see what this has to do with Daeny except it has a similar mood.

Free_Phi (1 dia atrás) #29734029Not sure what you mean by "doesn't matter."
I meant I wouldn't be pressed if Gwen WAS influenced by Daenerys (i.e. I'm not super invested in her character design being 100% original or not).

Free_Phi (1 dia atrás) #29734029Okay, so your less observant and perceptive than Teakatt. So what?
Again, this merely bespeaks the limitations of your powers of perception and pattern recognition.

What makes you think I'm ignorant rather than the other way around? Have you considered that maybe I've just seen and read so much that none of these qualities are exclusively unique to or scream Daenerys to me?

Free_Phi (1 dia atrás) #29734029Influence is not necessarily conscious. Any time an artist revisits or updates a character, he essentially throws it in a blender with everything that colored the pop-culture zeitgeist since the original was created. Daeny's "scent" is unmistakable in this piece.
I never said Gwen was 100% NOT influenced by Daeny, I just said it was equally likely she wasn't. Also it's ironic you're lecturing me about the creative process when I make my living in the creative arts field. Not that you'd know of course, but I wouldn't go around assuming everyone who disagrees with you are uncultured idiots if I were you.

Just to be clear, I wasn't arguing against Gwen being influenced by Daenerys in some way (because I don't care if she was). What I was question was your leap in logic: "there is absolutely no doubt that this figure is highly influenced by the HBO GoT character".
7há 21 horas (há 21 horas)redxmaverickredxmaverick
Needs to be a little more thicker and panties smaller.
7há 23 horasEliusElius
I would say that someone is getting very condescending and needs to go back to their GoT fancave where they belong. :P
71 dia atrásBloodFlowerBloodFlower
Using bootlegs can sometimes be more work than using a original item. I've heard plenty of people customizing bootleg Nendos and Figmas saying that it's not worth it because of the bad quality (joints breaking easily, parts not fitting together when mixing two different figures, etc). So have that in mind when deciding to use bootlegs.

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