191 dia atrásrufusdrumknottrufusdrumknott
Don't see why people are being so snarky, a good company listens to feedback and that's exactly what GSC has done which is more than I can say for a lot of other big companies. I'm happy with them :D

It is a shame that it didn't happen until after the WonFes order period tho ^^; Oh well, win some, lose some.
13há 10 horas (há 10 horas)EnvattaEnvatta
Sometimes I wished I collected stamps instead.
111 dia atráslofunglofung
more like a drop of sales than complaint.
111 dia atrásLovelyIdiotLovelyIdiot
This goes to show that complaining does work! Or they noticed a drop in sales from the store. Will order from their shop again if I need to.
10há 10 horasdesuminatordesuminator
Alter or not, this is a severe overkill in the price department for a 1/7 figure, especially when compared with #397138.
10há 22 horasNecroid_NekoNecroid_Neko
There is no point keeping the boxes at all if you don't have the blisters. The blisters are what keep a figure safe during transportation, so if you ever sold the figure or moved house, even if you had the box itself it's going to offer zero protection to your figures.

You could maybe get rid of some prize figure boxes, which tend to be filled with bubblewrap anyway, but if you have big figures I would strongly recommend keeping the boxes & blisters.

If you're low on space maybe you could get creative with your storage, like keeping boxes on top of shelves/detolfs or under your bed.
10há 13 horasJohnnyMoustacheJohnnyMoustache
>logged onto Hobby Search
>priced at 17800 yen with discount
>took item off wish list
>shut off computer
91 dia atrásSerpentyleTorcSerpentyleTorc
noooo boxes are precciooussss
thou shalt not damage the box
who needs comfortable living space when you can have boxezzzzz
91 dia atráscaliascalias
I'm very happy they switched back to yen but of course it was after the Wonfes preorder period closed :/
91 dia atrásMindySueMindySue
ckretaznman (1 dia atrás) #24956523Um… I don't know if anybody's noticed, but it's a 1/1 scale figure. Unless all of you inherited your rich uncle's fortune, preordering might not work out for you. That, or somebody thought a 1 was a 7.

She's a 1/1 because she's fairy-sized, haha!!! Her height is above, she's right around 9 inches tall.
8há 14 horasNihNih ~Spiritless~
No one "unless for religious reasons or immature age" will judge you for mildly erotic figures..
71 dia atrásHeldrikHeldrik

Now that's amazingly awesome: great sculpting and painting job, five different faces with moving eyes, a nice rendition of the fur... Kaiyodo surpassed themselves and hit the nail right on the head with this figure. Truly the work of a goldsmith.
7há 8 horasSayuSayu
The fucking price. I'm shocked. It's almost worst than Love Live figure. Why?!
Definitely, I could never buy at Alter haha...
6há 13 horas (há 12 horas)naisornaisor
I think you have to fight your insecurities by taking the decision of what you really want to do and try it.

If you have both arguments in favor and against having those figures, it all comes for you to decide which one outweighs the other.

If arguments against those figures are based on how we think other people will think of us, that could be an indication that as of now our personal image and how others perceive us is important to us.

However, catering to an image we deem more "acceptable" to others does really make us feel more authentic? Or is it the other image of looking "irresponsible" that scares us from trying?

I don't know, I have over 500 figures (in various levels of modesty) and I personally don't see them defining me in the way that people only see that about me. Sure, people will judge us (they'll always do), anime figure collection or not.

But, what I really do want to ask is (and I've been thinking this for some time while looking at topics like this): do anime figures genuinely affect our relationship with other people that much?

I mean, I can understand the peer pressure of "what they'll think of me?" and what not. But, isn't that easily solved by our other actions: being a good family member, a reputable citizen, achieving academic and professional goals, being generous.

I remember when I used to live in Japan (where my figure collector's thirst was born) while studying Doctor's Course that, at our university, we where once coming out of the cafeteria me and my Japanese colleagues.

A young Japanese lady from another laboratory studying her undergraduate was with us, and for some reason the conversation shifted to talk about her colleagues which she described as "kimochi warui" (disgusting) because they brought there "nasty" anime figures to have standing on their desks at their lab. I couldn't help but to immediately say about that "well... actually I do also collect anime figures...", to which she shockingly responded "oh, but I'm sure you're nothing like them." and felt like apologizing for the rest of the day.

Anyway, the thing is, she saw that day that I just have a hobby, and it's not like my hobby get in the way of us talking, going to have lunch or doing other things, cause collecting figures is not my only single defining factor.

The same happened with my family, even if I have several glass cases filled with anime figures, they just got used to it. They even like some of my figures, and are even impressed that I got to do some figures of my own. But, that is just a little part in our relationship.
61 dia atrásxCommandoxCommando
Yeaah I have a handful of figures like that just sitting in storage. I like them but they were impulse buys when I first started that I can't really fit into my collection as it is now. Not worth selling and probably not worth buying or even paying shipping for really. It would just be wrong to throw them away though so there they sit. >:
61 dia atrásiPOUTiPOUT
I think BRS was really confusing. The music video, OVA, anime, video game, and mangas were very different from each other so it felt hard getting invested in any of it. :(
61 dia atrásXRaptor7XRaptor7
Honestly, the whole series being based off one artwork and a song was a tenuous plan. I'm surprised it got so big in the first place...

The anime itself was pretty complete in itself- any more and you risk just repeating the same stuff or losing sight of what the series is about (which varies between fans so you're certain to be less popular than the original)

the problem is that the penultimate note of the song in PDF screwed me out of three attempts at a perfect run...
61 dia atrásvictorvipervictorviper
The reason that springs to my mind is oversaturation. You just had so much BRS-related material getting released in a fairly short period of time and I think that only the hardest-core fans could have kept up with it all.

Also, the idea behind BTS is not an uninteresting one, but there's a pretty limited amount of material to draw from and you just reach a point where there's not a lot more you can do with the characters and the setting.

Further, BRS' origins are getting close to 10 years old, and anime franchises that manage to endure that long are definitely the exception and not the norm. That's just the nature of this hobby.

And sometimes, I think it's better for a franchise that you like to wrap itself up nicely as opposed to hanging around too long and "jumping the shark" as they say.

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