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Shingeki no Bahamut - Dark Angel Olivia - 1/8 (Kotobukiya)

Shingeki no Bahamut - Dark Angel Olivia - 1/8 (Kotobukiya)
Escala & Dimensões
1/8  H=290mm (11.31in, 1:1=2.32m)
Datas de lançamento
06/14/2017 As Standard
06/19/2015 As Standard
03/24/2014 As Standard
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Height without horns: 240 mm.

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Beani (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
viking (3 anos atrás) #2043756Details are still poor
When you see a post like this one wonders if we are even looking at the same pictures. I'll never understand people randomly hating on Koto.
3 anos atrás
viking (3 anos atrás) #2043756Details are still poor

A troll comment... Nobody is forced to agree with the majority, but from my stand, a person who have seen hundreds of figures, good and bad ones, I say that Olivia is among the very best figurines I've seen so far. People may say that she isn't all that magnificent, fair enough, however saying things like "poor details" is just for the pleasure of trolling around.
3 anos atrás
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In stock @ Solaris Japan (¥15,900)

Brand New for ¥15,900
└ Packed with recycled materials ♻
Pre Owned for ¥13,800
└ Check product page for item condition.
In stock @ Ninoma (MFC Partner) (¥16,484)

Product page : www.ninoma.com/...
Official new item , shipped worldwide from Japan
About 147 USD | 124 EUR | 183 CAD
Falter (18 dias atrás) #28117393just went up on Amiami A/B for 10,980 yen www.amiami.com/...
Oh cool thanks
17 dias atrás
npcvn (26 dias atrás) #27727630Hm it is too late for me to buy this? Any where I can buy the re-release that's not too expensive?

just went up on Amiami A/B for 10,980 yen www.amiami.com/...
18 dias atrás
Kuromii Haikyuu nerdlord
Looking to buy in the UK for a reasonable price, please PM if selling.
18 dias atrás
Hm it is too late for me to buy this? Any where I can buy the re-release that's not too expensive?
26 dias atrás
Selling mine (MINT). Location Singapore
Freight charges by Buyer.
27 dias atrás
freshringo (28 dias atrás) #27618318I have a feeling I was indeed unlucky. I've watched several videos where people are able to replace it effortlessly. I've tried it at various angles and exerted quite a lot of force and it just will not fit in properly. :/ At this point, it is a rather small gap and depending on lighting just looks like shadow, so I'm not fussing with it anymore in case I break something.
The feathers I was able to get in, it really was a lot of pain and more force than I expected! T_T Thanks for the input!

I had the same problem with her too, i used a sharp cutter to grind very slowly the pegs of the wing until it fit.
27 dias atrás
lucas1805 (1 mês atrás) #27504509Quick question - New comer
I feel like her wings are a little heavy. Do you guys think after a while her wings will cause bend or damage on her feet and base ???

Mine did and i got the second release (look like the screw in her feet lost grip eventually), i had to use some gorilla glue to fix back her feet to keep her straight to the base , it's really easy to fix if it happen, she didn't move a single bit in 8 month now.
27 dias atrás
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