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© Bandai / Toei Animation / Takeuchi Naoko

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010 meses atrásLazuliLazuli Sailor Muteki
Decided to get this because it's gonna be a very long wait for a Proplica and I don't have the money to buy the 90s toy. :/
I was kind of disappointed that the gems in this thing are comparable to the crystal blings that stationery store often carry. When I got mine out of the box, Mercury's tiny crystal fell off and good thing it fell off the box. Otherwise I would have to scour far and wide for that exact color.
011 meses atrásmilkycafemilkycafe
Selling~ $15 shipped in USA for this item or $35 for whole set.
01 ano atrásBearcatBearcat
Selling my extra, 10£ shipped in the UK or 33£ shipped in the UK for the complete set of 4.
I will ship internationally, please PM for quote (would be a couple £ extra)
01 ano atrásRyanHljRyanHlj
In stock @ HobbyLink Japan (¥4,500)
Product page => [ext link ]
#10004092 // Sponsored by HobbyLink J...
01 ano atrás (1 ano atrás)tinga88tinga88
Selling for $15 with free U.S. shipping.
01 ano atrásNoblesseXObligeNoblesseXOblige
Selling for $15 shipped in the USA.
01 ano atrás (1 ano atrás)ElfOfVirtueElfOfVirtue
I'm still looking for this one (US please).
01 ano atráspandora426pandora426
If anyone in the US is selling this one please let me know!
01 ano atrásSztikeSztike
550 JPY [ext link ]
01 ano atrásmaelydmaelyd
ElfOfVirtue (1 ano atrás) #5990511If you did/do decide to do a split, I'm really interested in just this one (the eternal brooch). Let me know if you (or anyone else) decide to do a split for these ^^

I ordered a box, please PM if you are still looking for this charm ^^

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