Ookami to Koushinryou - Holo - Nendoroid #728 (Good Smile Company)

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- Lumione Gold Coin (Approx. 30mm in diameter) PICTURE #1692693

Orders via Good Smile Online Shop can be placed from 24th January 2017 (Tue) from 12:00JST until 2nd March 2017 (Thu) at 12:00JST.

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Yes! The best beast finally arrived.

1 ano atrás
KlonVIBlv16 Solo Rei basta!
BlackWolf (8 meses atrás) #17775128I'm more curious about what kind of metal.

8 meses atrás
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Words can't even begin to describe how precious drunk chibi Holo is. This is now one of my top 5 favorite Nendoroids! <3
há 19 horas
It's great but has the same issue other long haired nendos have, head can barely be moved because the hair hits the stand arm, I still wonder why they don't go for magnetic and arm bases like Kotobukiya does with Cu-poche figures
4 dias atrás
I srl love this stand pole, it support her amazingly!
She is so adorable and was so worth waiting all these years to finally get her ;3
6 dias atrás
Finally arrived, and i have to say i love her. She looks amazing and was definitely worth purchasing as my first nendoroid. If i had any complaint it would be that one of the accessory arms appears to have a defect which would be very noticeable if used as a left arm though i did see a reviewer also have the same defect on theirs. aside from that a nitpick would be that i would love to be able to make her head look up, but her hair hits the stand arm. So i am going to have to leave her in my display case at an elevated level instead of on my desk like i originally planned.
6 dias atrás
Kinda wish I ordered her from Amiami and not TOM because she won't be here until October ;-;
7 dias atrás
Mine is taking forever, it hasn't even left Japan yet and it was dispatched 2 weeks ago.
11 dias atrás
In stock @ Anime NPC

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