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01 dia atrásSolarisJapanSolarisJapan
In stock @ Solaris Japan (¥30,762)

Brand New for ¥30,762
└ At our shop you are always a ★
Pre Owned for ¥15,600
└ Check product page for item condition.
#3021384 // Sponsored by Solaris Jap...
016 dias atrásGkimoGkimo
Selling her for 250usd shipped to usa/canada.
Conditon: bnib
020 dias atrás (6 dias atrás)khmergodkhmergod
WTB NISB $175 shipped in US. Thanks for your consideration.
028 dias atrás (28 dias atrás)nicoangelonicoangelo
Jungle(sealed) for 23,760 yen
(ext link)
11 mês atrásgerhardergerharder
Not opened 22000Y at Mandarake (ext link)
01 mês atrásShakanenexShakanenex
Anyone selling this figure in Australia or willing to ship here at reasonable price. Send me a pm.
31 mês atráskhmergodkhmergod
yoweny (2 meses atrás) #2838862Why is everyone selling her? Boring?

12 meses atrásyowenyyoweny
Why is everyone selling her? Boring?
02 meses atrásMamiMami
Selling mine for $190 shipped to Canada and US. $30 shipping for everywhere else. Brand new sealed in box.
02 meses atrás (2 meses atrás)kngukngu
Selling her sealed for $200 USD shipped within Canada and the US - sale #67672
03 meses atrás (2 meses atrás)lusciouscookieslusciouscookies left shark
Selling her for 110SGD, peg broken on left foot but I have extracted it and superglued the peg back to the base. Excalibur's hilt is also missing. Damaged caused by previous owner before me. Singaporean buyers only, thanks! sold
03 meses atrás (3 meses atrás)YragornYragorn
Another one from Mandarake for 12 000 Yen
(ext link)

Condition: Main figured stained (see picture 2)
Darn it if i weren't broke, I would of bought the 15k one :(
03 meses atrás (3 meses atrás)YragornYragorn
Mandarake 15 000 Yen
(ext link)
open box, damaged box
03 meses atrásolioliooliolio
tx. received it in perfect condition few weeks ago . box ,sealed and all.
Topazz (4 meses atrás) #2625173never ordered myself, but ppl on reddit says it's ok. seems its part of good smile company.
(ext link)
(ext link)
03 meses atrás (2 meses atrás)kngukngu
03 meses atrásRubynextRubynext
In stock @ Japan Best
Get it now - shipping worldwide
#2693208 // Sponsored by Japan Best
03 meses atrásCh3rrychiCh3rrychi
Selling mine, left peg is broken but she still stands without any problems. (Germany)
03 meses atrásjaipogijaipogi
Anyone here in the Philippines want to buy mine? pm for infos
04 meses atrásTopazzTopazz
oliolio (4 meses atrás) #2625097hows this site? ok?

never ordered myself, but ppl on reddit says it's ok. seems its part of good smile company.

(ext link)
(ext link)
04 meses atrásolioliooliolio
hows this site? ok?
Topazz (4 meses atrás) #2625017jungle scs has one sealed for 11,8k
(ext link)

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