Oretama - Elyse - Dream Tech - 1/8 (Wave)Oretama - Elyse - Dream Tech - 1/8 (Wave)



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04 meses atrásotakurepublicotakurepublic
Available on DoujinRepublic (Free Shipping from Japan).
[ext link ]
02 anos atrás (2 anos atrás)scabbotscabbot
haileybraun (4 anos atrás) #1346769...the hole it goes in is too small...
Huh huh-huh huh-huh-huh huh... >^.^<

BTW, to anyone else who has this problem: if you take a VERY sharp pointed blade (X-Acto #11), insert it into the “inner” hole (you’ll see what I mean) and rotate it, you can carve away the tiny bit of plastic that keeps the tail peg from going in.

Personally, my issue was with the head wings -- seems like I have that problem with all antennae-like inserts.
04 anos atráshaileybraunhaileybraun 11037
just got her, a bit disappointed..her tail wont go in all the way, since the hole it goes in is too small..oh well. still really cute and im happy to have her.
04 anos atrásReinierReinier
There are two of them on Y! auctions atm:

[ext link ] <--- ¥4,870 (New, Unopened)
[ext link ] <--- ¥4,400 bidding, or ¥5,400 buy it now (New, Unopened)

I will hold out longer for the Deluxe Edition of this figure to pop up somewhere.
04 anos atráshaileybraunhaileybraun 11037
got her! this beautiful little devil will soon be mine <3~
04 anos atrásOrannisOrannis
Woo! snagged it for just under 3k on amiami p/o! box is C rank, but the figure is B rank, so hopefully it'll be in good condition.
05 anos atrásvietsamuraivietsamurai
[ext link ] << 5775 yen playmoya
05 anos atrásReinierReinier
Wow this figure is pretty rare on Mandrake.


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