One Piece - Sabo - Portrait Of Pirates MILD - Ex...One Piece - Sabo - Portrait Of Pirates MILD - Excellent Model - 1/8 (MegaHouse)


One Piece - Sabo - Portrait Of Pirates MILD - Excellent Model - 1/8 (MegaHouse)



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026 dias atrásrivalappearsrivalappears
Selling my set for $515 with free shipping in the US. Set includes Vivi, Luffy, Luffy + Ace, Sabo, Boa, Brook, Nami, Sanji, Zoro, Franky, Nojiko, and Usopp. All of them are the second releases except Luffy + Ace and Sabo, who never got them. PM if you're interested!
01 mês atrásdarkdmdarkdm
Looking to buy it and ace/luffy
02 meses atrásAyslinAyslin
Hello guys, I'm selling mine for 20€ (in very good condition) + shipping (to France & Europe only).

Shipping will be around the 15th of January (I am not living in France anymore, that why I'll be able to send it only when I'll travel there).

I am also selling the rest of my collection (except the Tsume Art ones) and I can make good prices. Do not hesitate to mp me for more details ;)
01 ano atrás (2 meses atrás)kngukngu
Selling for $40 USD shipped within Canada and US (brand new & sealed)
sale #88076

Other items for sale:
(mfc link)
01 ano atrásAyslinAyslin
Selling mine 28€ from France sale #43270 :3

--> I sell all my collection before leaving France in 1 month. Please be free to propose an offer if the price seems too big for you. However, please note that I align my prices on the Japanese ones.
01 ano atrásTakasugiTakasugi
B/B 2,240 JPY (ext link)
01 ano atrás (1 ano atrás)blue_harlequinblue_harlequin
Looking to sell my set of the three brothers. Pm if interested.
01 ano atrásShinku_KiKiShinku_KiKi
Looking for all the three brothers for a good price. PM if offering to sell ^^
31 ano atrásAhomineAhomine
I want a new P.O.P. of him ;)
01 ano atráskazumahazukikazumahazuki
View spoilerHide spoilerhim alive
and him have power port gas d ace

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