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I'm Christianna, but the world of the Internet knows me better as Acid Blossom.
Call me Acid or Chris.

I'm a writer.
I love animation of all kinds.
I am complete and utter idol trash.
I have a thing for anime girls with twintails.

Other places to find me:
Tumblr: [ext link ] [ext link ]
deviantART: [ext link ]
YouTube: [ext link ]
VocaloidOtaku: [ext link ]
School Idol Tomodachi: [ext link ]

i am trash

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06 meses atrásCybogirlCybogirl
Happy birthday! Hope you have a great day!
02 anos atrásPotatoLlamaPotatoLlama
AcidBlossom (2 anos atrás) #3063470Thank you~ <3 Yours is nice too ^w^ Thank you!
02 anos atrásPotatoLlamaPotatoLlama
You have a very fabulous collection! <3
02 anos atrásYukimeYukime
AcidBlossom (2 anos atrás) #2734536Hello~
Thank you for the FR <3

Thanks for accepting <3
02 anos atrásPomeloPomelo
Hey! Welcome and thanks for adding me here too! ☆

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