BaragganBaraggan 2148 Honedges


I buy too much.

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06 meses atrásjellorificjellorific
Dearest Bones,
Please don't lose your bones.
You will need them to bone the bones in your bones.

01 ano atrásPolaPola
*drools at your mother 2 keychain collection* O_O
01 ano atrásMaidsTripMaidsTrip
Baraggan (1 ano atrás) #974846Happy birthday, may your maids be frilly.
Thank you, and my maids always have extra frilly dresses.
01 ano atrás (1 ano atrás)RafflesiaRafflesia
BaragganI don't usually go after Nendos but I am jelly of that BRS collection.
xoxo jelly of that Woody
01 ano atrásXillXill
Nice DQ collection!

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