DaichukiyoDaichukiyo Too much time, not enough money...


Is this where I'm supposed to write something witty and entertaining to win over senpai's heart
and begin my journey as a genki, happy go lucky school girl in the pursuit of love and free cake?


About me ~ I'm just a casual figure collector who is obsessed with anything kawaii and pink (´。• ᵕ •。`)



Don't be afraid to talk to me, I love making new friends and meeting new people! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


RIP my anime husband Yamatonokami who was tragically left out of season two (so far) ;~;

You'll forever be in my heart *cries* I'm coming for you ufotable

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23 meses atrásfrostwonderlandfrostwonderland
I just wanted to say thank you for adding all those MadoHomu doujins!! I ordered a bunch from Suruga-ya recently and now I'm able to keep track of them. Plus I'll which ones I'm missing and need to buy haha.
03 meses atrásrufusdrumknottrufusdrumknott
Daichukiyo (3 meses atrás) #22337525Wow, you have such an amazing collection! *0* (Don't mind me, just stumbling by, haha) ^-^ Madoka and Hanayo are also two of my favourite characters haha! >< I take it that Riko is your best Sunshine girl? ^^

Aww thanks <3 You have lots of cute stuff too, I'm jealous of your PJ Pana Neso~ Yep, Riko is my favourite from Aqours! Who's your favourite Aqours girl?
23 meses atrásXweetaraXweetara
Daichukiyo (3 meses atrás) #22182842Welcome to MFC! ^^ I see that you like love live too! Who is your best girl? :)

Hi, thanks for the welcome! ^^ I do indeed! My best girl is Umi. ♥ Who's yours?
05 meses atrásVviiVvii
Daichukiyo (5 meses atrás) #19706206Welcome to MFC! ^^ Wow, you have an amazing collection, I'm jealous haha! ><

Thank you, your collection is quite impressive too! It's nice to see other Australians on here collecting figures.
05 meses atrásNunnallyLuluNunnallyLulu
looks like your a fellow Australian fufu~ I didn't even notice at first!
lets be friends? I am glad you like hanayo too, I already have a friend that loves hanayo but he doesn't want all her merchandise LOL, not a die hard collector as I. However his very cute with hanayo ^^
I'm in Melbourne VIC, are you also in Victoria or are you somewhere else?

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