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Hey everyone!

My name is Gabby and I'm from the tiny island state of Tasmania, Australia!
Send me a FR if you like the same things or if you're from Australia!!

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01 dia atrásSkyBlueSkyBlue
Gabmag10 (4 dias atrás) #24842596Yeah I'm enjoying it :D Studying programming and Data Science right now which is pretty great. Oooh sketching? That's awesome! I'm always impressed when people can draw, I've never been very creative...
I'm still playing P5 as well...It came out so long ago and I feel bad for not finishing it, but I've been playing DA, Sweet Pool, and WoW as well. I bought a few new games for my Psvita but haven't gotten around to playing them yet (Dangan Ronpa Despair Girls is one I really need to get around to playing.)
You should totally watch Boueibu! I think it'd be right up your alley. I also received the first live event dvd in the mail yesterday so I watched it with my cousin and we both loved it. I'd love to go to something like that next time I'm in Japan.
Yessss I do! The last chapter got really intense right?! I can't wait to read the next one. I really love All About Lust as well. It's so light and happy after reading Killing Stalking lol.
Are you still reading 19 days? The last chapter was so good, but I can't work out what the "I know" means...It could apply to either of them D:
Ooohh, Programming is really fun as it is frustrating at times right? X'D Nah, I've never attended any professional art classes so my drawings are really amateurish lmao But I really enjoy it! ^^ Hahaha I have so much backlog in games, anime and manga, you won't believe it... *a certain PS1 game comes to mind* OTL
Same! I've been dreaming to attend an expo/concert/musical/live event in Japan one day ;A; Lmao it was intense and hilarious really! Like where the heck did that boyfriend thing come from?? Talk about expecting the unexpected. Of course!! I feel bad though as I'm beginning to love He Tian x Mo Guan Shan couple more and more, b-but they're so damn funny and adorable! (>w<)~❤
05 dias atrásSkyBlueSkyBlue
Gabmag10 (5 dias atrás) #24805226Hey! :D
It has been ages, hasn't it? I've been really great! Back at Uni after my break, playing games etc. I've been replaying the Dragon Age games lately, they're my favourite. What have you been up to ^_^?
Playing any games recently? I just bought this [ext link ] which came out today, I've been waiting for what feels like ages now!!
That's great to hear! :D Uni life's awesome yeah? Haha me? Same old, same old just going to and fro work XD I've started reading my backlog of novels and picking up sketching again. I'm still playing FFXV and P5 and a couple of Vita games (I'm someone who loves to enjoy the world kinda gamer) I see no point in rushing a game :P
Boueibu! I've been meaning to check out the series ever since I got Yufuin. Oh btw, do you read manhwa?? I'm still pretty hooked on Killing Stalking and God, the latest chapter left me half-dead!
05 dias atrásSkyBlueSkyBlue
Hey, how's it going? How have you been? Seems like it's been ages since we last chatted :D
15 meses atrásAdrienAgresteAdrienAgreste
nice ava
06 meses atrásimmaggotimmaggot
Gabmag10 (7 meses atrás) #17447935I'm so excited for it :D I'll take lots of pictures :DDDD do you have a snapchat or anything?? ill probably put lots on my story on there! ooooooh are you having fun there? ive never been but id love to go at some point.
I KNOW wow yuri on ice was just great, im so happy with it. i still need to get P5, i should have preordered the limited edition but i'll try to get that hopefully.
have you been enjoying FFXV??? I just finished the day before yesterday and now im devastated LOL but it was such a good game, i love prompto so much. also he has the same VA as Toudou from yowapedal which makes me really happy. all of his goofy selfies are the best. i really want to buy his play arts figure but also they arent the best...but i think i'll look for it when i get to japan maybe.
i'll definitely take pictures in the cafe :D i hope i can get a booking.
YES it arrived I'll take some pictures of him today!!
i started buying LOTS but now im saving because its only a bit over three weeks till i go. i just paid for my native aoba as well RIP but hes great so its okay. i also bought root letter for the ps4 which looks pretty fun haha, but i dont feel like starting anything after finishing ffxv :'( im looking forward to the dlc and multiplayer for it. i also finally finished the dr3 anime and i was super happy with how it ended :D

I FEEL SO BAD ITS ALMOST BEEN A MONTH UUUHHHHUUDHHDUAJA IM STILL ALIVE IM SO SORRY AAAAA im like 90% sure you're already in JP by now!! I HOPE YOU ENJOY IT A LOT!!! yes I do have snapchat! It's krispyeyebags (lmao) so if you want you can add me and I can witness JP through there haha ALSO im in Sydney now YAY indo is like .. HIT OR MISS gotta be wary of that food poisoning (I got a bit of that T____T)
Wahhh hope you could get your hands on a P5 preorder! I'll share pics of the SE when it arrives : D
AAAA I haven't continued FFXV LMAO I REALLY REALLY SHOULD THOUGH... also yea prompto is rly cute LOL everyone around me has finished FFXV and I haven't AAAA
I hope I'm still able to see pictures of your BAD since it's almost been a month DJJSJFJWJJD ALSO same im saving money and using it on games instead >___> SO RESPONSIBLE LOLL
AH you've reminded me i need to watch the dr3 anime too I THINK I'LL DO THAT TOMORROW

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