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Time spend on fiction gathers higher expectations with each series. By the time a series is revisited, memory is sweeter than the actual experience leaving me feeling somewhat betrayed.

To have that initial satisfaction, a quick glance at the figure collection replays those feelings from the best moments.

Instantly, reliably, perpetually.

So yeah, it is a lot more than just plastic.

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01 mês atrásMaakieMaakie
Guy9394 (1 mês atrás) #23148143Life has been hectic, certainly on my list when things cool down.

Oh! Sorry for bothering! I wish you the best! :) Feel free to send me a message to ramble about Baccano! anytime!
01 mês atrásMaakieMaakie
Came across your profile and had to talk to you again because of your icon! :3 Have you been reading the English translations of Baccano! so far? :) Especially in the 3rd one, Claire has a very big role! But the 4th book is my favorite so far. :)
01 ano atrásMaakieMaakie
Guy9394 (1 ano atrás) #4131053There are English translations of Baccano? Thanks for the heads up!

They just started with them!!! The first 4 are up for pre-order now!

I got them from bookdepository, they seem to be the cheapest currently.

I was always so annoyed being stuck to slow (and sometimes bad) fantranslations and nog having much more than the anime and synopsises, but yay! The time has finally come!
01 ano atrásMaakieMaakie
I just pre-ordered the 4 first editions from the English translation of Baccano!, then I come to MFC, read a random blog and see your icon pop up as one of the first things.
03 anos atrásDeadlyAnimeDeadlyAnime Web Designer
View spoilerHide spoilerYou are the birthday star today... Happy birthday! ...xD ...xD

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