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Just a girl that loves anime, video games, books and all things girly!

I love meeting new people so message me or add me and let's have a chat!

If anyone would like to game on Xbox just message me and we can exchange gamer tags! ^.^

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01 mês atrásMarikuMariku
Hi! Grell is still available!
01 ano atrásBloosicaBloosica
Thanks for the FR! and yay! Sailor Moon!
01 ano atrásShindoWShindoW
Gwenhopen (1 ano atrás) #4631097I can do 45 shipped

Cool. PM me and I'll send you my PP. I can ship her today or tomorrow. :)
01 ano atrásShindoWShindoW
Can you do at least $45 to cover shipping costs for Quistis? Let me know. :)
01 ano atrásShindoWShindoW
Hi there! Were you still interested in Quistis?

Thank you

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