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03 meses atrás (3 meses atrás)SkyBlueSkyBlue
Hello~ thanks for updating the cover. Please do keep in mind that for book covers the full cover needs to be shown in the thumbnail instead of a cropped close-up unless the said cover is NSFW.
And if there are already an origin, the title can be removed and the origin linked instead.
For character names, there is a space required for the Japanese name between the surname/last name and the first name. Thanks :D
EDIT: Manga are normally B6 size but if Strawberry Combat indeed turns out to be A5 let me know and I'll add them again (there aren't any info about the size I can find rn.)
01 ano atrásDmArcherDmArcher
Hi, do you sell Fate/Stay Night - Saber Alter - 1/7 - Lingerie Version (Vispo)? Or could you please let me know where I can access this item?
01 ano atrástorintorin
HokaHoka (1 ano atrás) #8467275Hello! Still selling Tokyo Ghoul - Arima Kishou - Swing? Thanks.
Yes, it's still available ^^ I also have this Arima for sale item #361483 Please pm me if you're interested :)
02 anos atrásrubyserpent_720rubyserpent_720
HokaHoka (2 anos atrás) #2469911Hi! I know right? So adorable you want to hug!
Also I'm xhokahokax from LiveJournal!
nice to meet you there!
(You have an awesome and amazing collection)

Thanks and in that case hello here as well! We can commiserate the expensiveness of being in two expensive hobbies at once XD
02 anos atrásrubyserpent_720rubyserpent_720

Thanks for the friend and adore your icon, Origami is adorable X3


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