Jc21095Jc21095 I'm kind of a perv, lol


Currently Watching(really bad at updating this): Fairy Tail
Only post current dubbed shows, subbed shows would be too long of a list

PSN: Jcannon21095
Xbox: Gunslinger21095
Steam: Jcannon21095

Add me and we can play sometime!!

Code Geass is my favorite anime, which is actually how i started collecting started with the Gawain item #4965 and from there kept getting the action figures until i expanded my horizons and got my first figures on April 28th, 2013 C.C. item #63124 and Kallen(still only Kallen figure :[) item #63123, but didn't really get into it until May 2014
My favorite anime openings are probably To Love Ru's "Forever We Can Make It!" by Thyme and Toradora's Pre-Parade

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05 meses atrásOppaFaustusStyleOppaFaustusStyle
Jc21095 (5 meses atrás) #18696484Happy Birthday!!!

Thank you so much! c:
09 meses atrásmiopinmiopin
Hi :)
I saw you leave a lot of message on eroge games for where you can buy or if english sub exist for certain eroge this is the site i use for eroge +&_(sukebei a uttorent site :( )or you can buy the game on mandarake monobeno ([ext link ]) you ask for 2 years ago :)
if you want something about eroge just tell me i can find ! ;)
011 meses atrásblonde_1blonde_1
Hi there! I PM'd you yesterday about the Lala trade, just thought I'd write a quick message here in case it was missed. If you already have trader just let me know :)
01 ano atráscatfairycatfairy
Jc21095 (1 ano atrás) #11643987http://orig05.deviantart.net/81ae/f/2008/304/3/9/happy_birthday__l_by_yufei.jpg

01 ano atrástheend12theend12
do you want to sell the second one you ordered of To LOVEru Darkness - Lala Satalin Deviluke - 1/6 - Swimsuit ver. (Alter)?

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