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I first got interested in collecting after I ordered this figure (item #61336), mainly because she was from a series I was interested in. That "smart" move caused me to delve deeper into collecting more figures/anime merchandise in general, and I haven't let up since.

Nowadays, I collect based on what interests me, or if it's a character/anime I'm interested in at the moment. I'm always looking for good conversation pieces, so I sometimes have a habit of collecting based on hype, but thankfully I've never had any regrets with my choices and purchases. I hope I can enjoy this hobby for awhile!

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05 dias atrásJiraachiStarJiraachiStar
nishikinomaki (6 dias atrás) #24758154happy birthday! hope its a wonderful one <3

Thanks so much! :)
06 dias atrásnishikinomakinishikinomaki
happy birthday! hope its a wonderful one <3
03 anos atrásKaito570Kaito570
JiraachiStar (3 anos atrás) #2035768I agree! I had to cancel some of the figures I had on pre-order, and will probably have to cancel a couple more. It's tough having to pick and choose what to order, especially since the cost of figures seem to be drastically on the rise nowadays.
seriously the prices are sometimes too much as for me I have canceled like 1 or 2, but I won't preorder anything unless I know I want it for sure
03 anos atrásKaito570Kaito570
I'm loving this hobby too, but I wish it were less expensive the figures that is
05 anos atrásMacMillanMacMillan
Welcome to the board!

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