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Recently, (2016 summer) I got into figures and buying merchandise from my favorite series of game and show like Touken Ranbu, Ghost in the Shell, and much more. So here I am a newbie figure collector who browsing MFC to see what is out there to snip.

Notably I have brought figures when I went to AnimeExpo 2013 and 2014, but I sold some and keep some. I was not into figures at time I was merely buying cheap prize figures to satisfy the some of the empty spaces in my room. However, it change into wow pretty thing need to be loved and stared at. Something to admire lol.

So what do I like? Cats. Artbooks(especially coloring books hmm them so good to do as a pass time). Fanfiction a lot of fanfiction I mean a lot. Food. And the detail of texture of random stuff~

Update: Anime Expo 2017 was great and all that walking around to look at stuff. Got me a rare Tama(Puzzle&Dragon) plush that say tama when I press it heart!
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Free Shipping World Wide. A place for collectors.



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