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Hello there! || Yo everybody.
After receiving small gifts from our friends, we want to try collecting some of our favorites on our own. We don't have a lot of space to display and store them but that won't stop us!

Let's go search for everything that our favorite series and artists have to offer!

For items not allowed on the database, autographs or English Edition → [ext link]

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011 dias atrásrozellerozelle
Thank you for the FR fellow Detective Conan enthusiast and nice to meet you <3
012 dias atrásMitsunaMitsuna Little Busters Saikou!
Hello! Thank you so much, and thank you for the FR! Sonic Unleashed is indeed my favourite, the soundtrack is quite easy to find but I've still never bought it ;-; it's one of my favourite soundtracks too :D thank you so much! I will definitely try to get it soon!
Minarai (13 dias atrás) #22234065Hello there! ^^/ I like your massive collection a lot.
I see that Sonic Unleashed is your favorite Sonic game. I hope you get the soundtrack eventually in your hands!
016 dias atrásKiz-xoKiz-xo
Minarai (16 dias atrás) #22131127Hi there! Sorry if I sent a friend request very late night. (I'm supposed to be asleep but doing late night organizing haha)
Well its afternoon for me.
Late night is the best time to do stuff xD
Thanks for the fr btw c:
016 dias atrásKiz-xoKiz-xo
Hello there o/
01 mês atrásChibiZeeChibiZee
Thanks for joining the Trigger Club! :)

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