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04 meses atrásKaneelKaneel on Ice
When you update an entry, please don't mark it as undraft by just exchanging the main picture and leaving out every other important information like price and release date.

I'm also wondering about your gsc promo uploads, they where small and littered with artefacts.
How did you downloaded them?
Did you clicked on the pictures and saved from the pop-up?
Are you accessing the site via mobile? I just had solved a similar case where the browser settings on the mobile device where compressing the pictures without knowledge of the user.
01 ano atrásZoidsFanaticZoidsFanatic
item #396887

Let's start hoping you're right with the grumpy face!
01 ano atrásmiyarimiyari
Necroid_Neko (1 ano atrás) #6207311Yes, I still have the whole Olaf figure ^_^ I'd want about £3 for him, plus shipping to your country if that's ok :)

Sounds perfect! Is there a PM system with which I can contact you with my details and get your Paypal info? I am quite new to all of this ^^
01 ano atrásmiyarimiyari
Do you still have parts for Nendoroid Elsa? I broke Olaf's hair. :( Looking to buy the entire Olaf figure if still available; thanks in advance! :)
01 ano atrásindian_summer22indian_summer22
Saw your comment on the Dakimakura blog.
Where the heck are you getting a Cole Dakimakura?
Please tell me, pleeeease!!!
Cole is one of my faves in the entire franchise

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