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"A gentleman never leaves a puzzle unsolved."

My name is Pahsmina, goes under Pahsy for short. I'm a walking mistake and fans too much over puzzle games.
I mainly focus on collecting Professor Layton related merch, hoping that I one day can have an as complete collection as possible. I'll probably not be able to but it's good to have ambitions I guess!

Except for Layton I love a ton of random things. Currently very into Ensemble Stars! cause boy Nazuna is my son.

Please don't send FR on random! I'll gladly make friends but please talk to me before you send one, thank you in advance. ♥

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02 meses atrásMemyandiMemyandi |ω・)
Pahsmina (2 meses atrás) #19669492It's been an awfully long while since we talked, but I hope you are fine and Happy Easter dear!! (*‘∀‘)
Babe ;; That's true and it's a shame! ;; I'm really well thx & hope that you are too?? ><" ♥ Thank you, to you & your family too :)) and I love your "new" icon ahaha (not really new anymore is it haha)
03 meses atrásSchana_otakuSchana_otaku
Beautiful collection!!! I love it *A* Do you have a Instagram?
03 meses atráschookypoohchookypooh
Thanks for adding Pkmn entries :)
I just need to say that Pokecen goods are "exclusive", not "limited+exclusive" so please stop adding them as so because I need to edit all your entries for that haha.
Thank you!
04 meses atrás (4 meses atrás)Starr_PeachStarr_Peach
Pahsmina (4 meses atrás) #17775354Hands up for the best boy


Popplio is so cute <3 <3 I love the whole evolution line so much!! I have a Brionne named Poppi on my Moon team :3 I just started playing like last week (I was on holiday while it was released TT m TT)

I'm also currently really into the ~Pastel Mermaid~ type of aesthetic XD So maybe that's why I love the line so much..
05 meses atrásMemyandiMemyandi |ω・)
Pahsmina (5 meses atrás) #17447058I just got home my Mimi and Lilymon and ahhhh they are so precious, especially the box! Though they have so many sharp edges, dear lord. I accidentally cut my finger on them while trying to assemble it kfcvyh
;AAA; are you okay owo
IKR the box is SO pretty, I wanna build a diorama out of it somehow and jfc getting Lillymon's foot with those flowers from hell into the peg was painful - literally. I didn't hurt myself but I'm pretty sure I broke something on the figure- I'd rather went with the former, lol.
Anyway, your comment made me happy <3 I'm glad they arrived you this fast and that you like them as much as I do! owo

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