RubyChan95RubyChan95 ♪ I'm a maaaaagical princess, from another dimension! ♪

♥ My Waifus ♥Click to see my lovesCloseChocola, Vanilla & Galko
Kirino Kousaka & Nana Asta Deviluke
Nicole Cepheus & Rias Gremory
Super Sonico & Yui Kotegawa

♥ My Husbandos ♥Click to see my lovesCloseAi Mikaze & Cecil Aijima
Izumi Sena & Makoto Tachibana
Mephisto Pheles & Ranmaru Kurosaki
Rin Okumura & Shougo Sena
Syo Kurusu & Vicktor Nikiforov
Yuri Plisetsky
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Click to see magic!CloseHi! My name is Carolina but you can call me Ruby ^^
I’m 20 years old and I live in Portugal.
My favourite colours are red and black.
I have difficulty waking up early, but I become more active as the day passes.

I love italian, chinese and japanese food.
I love animals and I finally have one! It's Oreo and he has a year made on January 22nd of this year. He loves lap, almonds and gnaw Headphones. Follow him in Instagram ^^
I've seen anime since I was a kid and I love it! Sailor Moon, Card Captor Sakura are some that were part of my childhood.

I started collecting at age 15 and after 5 years, my collection (in my opinion) has grown tremendously! I’m quite happy with the result! This year I hope to increase even more!
I love hentai and ecchi! I don’t know why but I love the art and the stories!! It’s just too cute for my eyes! Especially eroge!
I'm a big fan of cute things! Also neko girls and maids :3

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