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My first figure was an Eternal Sailor Moon trading figure in 2004, which is still one of my favorites because I love Eternal Sailor Moon! I got really into figure collecting mid-2012 when I got the Akemi Homura 1/8 scale figure from Good Smile Company. I love figures of magical girls and bunny girls. I am particularly fond of Fate Testarossa and her figures.
Twin Peaks, Breaking Bad, Buffy, Sailor Moon, Utena, Evangelion, CC Sakura, Madoka Magica, NANA, Air, Clannad, Escaflowne, Ceres, Please Save My Earth, Heartcatch Precure!, Lyrical Nanoha, Full Moon, Kyousogiga, Penguindrum, Symphogear
The Last Unicorn, The Darkangel, The Lord of the Rings, Mere Christianity, Jude the Obscure, Trashy Mystery Novels
Animal Crossing, Okami, Kingdom Hearts, Lego Games, Sonic the Hedgehog, Eternal Sonata, Ni No Kuni, Zelda, Mario, Rayman
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Magical Girls, Bunnies, Twintails, Pink, Purple, Blond Hair, Odango, Ribbons, Frilly Dresses
Nana Mizuki, Nirvana, Depeche Mode, Erasure, Joy Division, New Order, The Verve, Interpol, Starsailor, Alice in Chains

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wonderful collection! i absolutely adore magical girls (ie; cardcaptor sakura & madoka magica) and im just now getting into sailor moon lol. you have amazing tastes, and everything is so intricate and cute!

have a great day, i usually just pop in on profiles to send a nice msg on accounts that particularly stand out to me. uvu

rn im a student, so it's hard to get scale figures and more expensive dolls, but you've definitely inspired me to slowly build up a collection! cheers<33
4 meses atrás
Hello!! Thank you for accept my fr request! I really love your collection (ˆ⌣ˆ)!!♥
6 meses atrás
SailorSarah (10 meses atrás) #16426308Happy Birthday!!
So excited that the Reflection movie is really happening!

I know. Thanks for the birthday wishes. This has actually been one of the best birthdays ever. Mostly because the day we arrived to Japan the Vivid Blu-rays where being released so I was able to get the special edition in person at animate. Then over the weekend I got to watch Vivid Strike air live on TV. And then on the morning of my birthday they released info of the Reflections movie.

It's actually been a very exciting trip and I hope to tell you more about it later.
10 meses atrás
SailorSarah (1 ano atrás) #7919270Thanks! I am doing well. I occasionally pick up random Fate and Sailor Moon items on Mandarake, but I mostly have been keeping my spending down. I definitely want that new Fate figure from Force, but I am going to wait for it to release and hope it gets a little bit cheaper. I am excited for more Sailor Moon Crystal. It looks like it might be better than the first season. I am concerned about whether or not they are going to be making more Nanoha movies only because of that stuff that happened with Yukari Tamura and her contract with King Records. I hope she is going to continue voice acting. How have you been doing? Any thing exciting going on with you?

The Yukari Tamura "retirement" still feels really weird because the Nanoha movie was already scheduled for production so it will be interesting to see what happens, considering it took so long for the Kizumonogatari movies to get released means that there still might be hope yet even if it takes a while.

I preordered the Force Fate as soon as it came out, and the Blaze form Fate was finally released a couple of months back which was exciting. I also found the wedding dress Fate dakimakura a little while back too. It's really cute but more lewd than I had expected but I'm really happy I was able to find it.

I'm actually planning on going to Japan in November for my birthday, there's also a large magic tournament as well that a couple of my friends decided they wanted to go to during the trip as well so it should be a really fun time. We'll be there for about a week so plenty of time to do a lot of the things I'd like to go do and see. Also will get to see a friend whose been living in Japan for a few years so I'm really looking forward to it.

Glad to hear you are doing well, and I understand the want to spend less money, I've been putting large chunks of money towards saving for my trip and just cutting down on stuff that seem less important to me and I could go without so I can do something very important to me. I feel like after the fact I'll keep the same mindset because I want to develop a more stable financial state as I'm getting to the age where I should be more responsible and all that jive.
1 ano atrás
Happy Birthday I hope you are doing well!
1 ano atrás
SailorSarah (2 anos atrás) #3400522Hi! How are you doing? I see you got the 1/1 scale Bardiche, that is so awesome! So I actually managed to get the limited edition Fate doll I really wanted ITEM #42236.
It was pure luck really. I can barely believe it. She just happened to be on Mandarake when I was searching for Fate Testarossa items. I also finally got the Phantom Minds figure, which is so amazing. I'm glad I finally got her. I ordered Alter's Shin Sonic Form Fate, but she actually got lost in the mail, so I'm not sure if I'll actually get her or not. I ordered a PLUM dakimakura cover with adult Fate hugging young Fate that should be on its way to me now. I haven't watched Nanoha Vivid yet because it isn't legally streaming. I will probably watch it once there are rips of the Blu Rays, but I wish it would get a legal stream. Have you seen it? Do you like it? I caught up on the first 2 seasons of Dog Days. They were very cute, but I haven't watched the third season for the same reason as Vivid. Have you seen Symphogear? We are watching the first season on Funimation.com, and it is so great. It is like Evangelion, Macross, and Nanoha rolled into one show. I really like it! I have Alter's Blaze form Fate ordered and am looking forward to this Fate ITEM #287853 from Force. She looks beautiful and awesome. I have just been working and raising my children lately. My 6 year old son watched the first season of Nanoha with me and really likes it. We will watch A's pretty soon. That is all we can watch though because that is all that is dubbed. We are also watching and enjoying Cardcaptor Sakura. Have you been doing anything fun? Sorry I haven't kept in touch in a while. I do always remember that you are my awesomest Fate friend! :)

I'm doing good, staying busy as usual lately. That's a sweet pick up on that Doll. The 1/1 Bardiche is awesome, I just need to find room somehow to put it next to the raising heart. I'm still waiting for Alter to release their Blaze Form Fate from the A's movie, been delayed twice already. I haven't been keeping up too much on anime lately. Haven't watched S3 of Dog Days yet, and like you I'm waiting for BD rips of Vivid now because no streaming service picked it up and it's been so long since I've done the torrent thing for airing shows that I just don't feel motivated to find it all. Plus it's a show I'll probably marathon when I have time to myself to just enjoy myself. Though I did end up watching Is it Wrong to Try and Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon, which I enjoyed it enough for what it was, and finally got around to finishing JoJo's Bizzare Adventure which is a show my Girlfriend ended up really enjoying. I hadn't seen that Force figure before but it's something else to look forward to. It's great to hear that your son enjoyed the first season. It's definitely a show that I feel can be enjoyed by a broad audience. I just wish it was given a bigger chance in the West, considering how popular it continues to be in Japan even to this day.
2 anos atrás
DeadlyAnime Web Designer
View spoilerHide spoilerYou are the birthday star today... Happy birthday! ...xD ...xD
2 anos atrás
SailorSarah (2 anos atrás) #2490243I hope you had a great birthday! Yukata Fate is out now! I got some of the Innocent Ichiban Kuji merchandise. It is all quite awesome. Cheerleader Fate is so cute!

Thank you for the birthday wishes, sorry for the very late reply I've been pretty busy the past couple of months between work and other hobbies. I ended up picking up a Cheerleader Fate and am in the process of picking up a Yukata Fate. I pre-ordered the parka swimsuit Fate, and am waiting for pre-order for the Blaze Form by Alter. Other than that I've got even more wall scrolls since them (one of them is absolutely beautiful) and have the first 2 seasons on Blu-Ray now, waiting for StrikerS to come out but it got delayed.

I hope you've been doing well and had a good holiday season.
2 anos atrás
SailorSarah (3 anos atrás) #2357243So, I just got the itch to buy some more random Nanoha merchandise and ordered a few things on Mandarake that will hopefully turn out to be in stock. I guess it had been too long since I bought anything Fate related...lol. In my browsing, I saw that there is a new Fate dakimakura from Innocent. I kinda wanted it, but I can't face those price tags. I just ordered ITEM #142689 and ITEM #44662, along with their respective Nanoha counterparts and ITEM #44725, as well as a random cute looking doujinshi that I am hoping has no porn in it...lol. I guess I couldn't just wait for yukata Fate in November. I want to try to add cheerleader Fate to my AmiAmi order either in November or January, so hopefully she'll pop up there in one of those months. If not, it is fun to just browse Mandarake looking for Nanoha stuff. I bet you do that a lot. I saw a lot of other things I wanted, but I am trying to be frugal these days.
We are all moved into our house and my figures are all displayed. I should take a few pictures of my display cases soon.
I bought Nana Mizuki's 6 latest albums, not including the Museum ones. Man, they are all awesome. She is the best singer. Sometimes I can't believe someone that awesome is Fate's seiyuu.
I'm still wondering if there is any chance the Nanoha blu rays will have subtitles. I was looking at it on Amazon Japan with google translate, and even the Japanese fans were complaining about the price.
I have watched a few episodes of Prisma Illya zwei now, along with my Sailor Moon. It is cute. The new Fate/stay night looks like it will be good. So how are things with you? I hope everything is going well.
Also, sorry I did not comment before on the fact that you got a full scale Raising Heart!!! That is actually amazing . I did not realize that is what that was, then I saw that 1/1 scale. Anyway, awesome!!! You could have some fun with that. Are you getting Bardiche, too?
(I drank a large cup of coffee before writing this, so it probably sounds a bit jumpy, but oh well. :) )

Those are some nice pick ups as far as little trinkets go. I have the same winter Fate plush that my friend in Japan sent me (he kept the Nanoha) but it's super cute.

I've picked up a bunch of wall scrolls in the past couple of months and they all look really nice. But I still don't have room to put them anywhere unfortunately.

As far as I know there hasn't been a Bardiche counterpart for the Raising Heart but I'm still super excited to have picked it up.

Everything else has been fine though, went to the yearly Anime Con in Denver last weekend which was pretty fun. Got my girlfriend a giant pink alpaca that she loves greatly. I'm also getting another raise at work that's pretty substantial which is really nice right before all the fall releases. The raise itself will be able to cover the Blu-ray releases and all the figures which is really nice. I still need to pre-order the figures but I might just wait and pick them up on mandarake or something a little after release. Other than that I'm slowly putting figures into my display case. Maybe early next year I'll get a second display case so I can actually show everything. I've been saying that for a while but now I can easily afford it so I'll probably do it finally.
3 anos atrás
So I'm super excited because yesterday Dog Days S3 was confirmed for winter season. Then Nanoha Vivid was confirmed to get an anime adaptation. Then today ITEM #100581 shipped out. So much good things happened in the past 48 hours it's unbelievable to me.
3 anos atrás
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