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Hello from Canada! I've been collecting various things since I was a kid (Pokémon, TY stuffies, video game collector editions) and now I collect scale figures and translated LN/manga. I have a bit over 20 figures and well over 80 LN/manga volumes. Slowly, but surely I am working through my book and anime backlog. Thankfully, there will always be more to keep me entertained!

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02 meses atrásGabrielGabriel
Thanks for accepting the FR.

While we don't have any figures in common, I looked at your collection and it seemed we had some overlap in terms of tastes if not specific figures.

Plus, I checked out your photos and it looks like we have a similar desk. :D
04 meses atrásFrickfaceFrickface
Stalgonoff (4 meses atrás) #18561775I am looking forward to those as well as her Alter release even though the pose feels a bit off. 4 Goddesses Online certainly helps with figures, but 2016 also saw a lot of HDN games get released on Steam in English and they did fairly well, so I guess the IP holders believe the series is popular enough for all the figures it's getting in the near future. Great news for fans, but having so many at once is not so great on the wallets.
I was actually originally going to get Alter's Purple Heart! Once Next Purple's preorders went up though, my heart was pretty set on her. I'm definitely not in the position to do multiple big preorders, but I think in a few months I might try to preorder Neptune. I do envy the figures you currently have ordered, you have good taste!
04 meses atrásFrickfaceFrickface
Stalgonoff (4 meses atrás) #18545625Thank you! That is very nice to hear. It looks like you're just starting your collection, so welcome to the hobby/MFC and good luck! Soon yours will rival mine and others.
It's always nice to see fellow Nep fans. I am looking forward to her next scales.

I'm super excited about Next Purple, and Neptune in 1/8th by Broccoli. :> Seems like there's an influx in figures being re-runned/released, but I guess it makes sense with 4 Goddesses Online being released.
04 meses atrásFrickfaceFrickface
I know this is a random comment but you have such a wonderful collection!
05 meses atrásgirlsrockriogirlsrockrio
Stalgonoff (5 meses atrás) #17798103Happy (early?) birthday!
Thank you very much!! ⃛(❛ั◡˜๑)

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