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WARNING : will be putting up to sell a lot of items (already started). If interested mp me.

Sorry in advance, had some huge problems with the mailbox here. lost all mps for the last 4 months.....

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02 anos atrásnammynammy
Do you still have an extra Grail to sell?
03 anos atrásgrahamakergrahamaker
Vchan (4 anos atrás) #1379367Selling mine. No box. PM for details.

interested in him :)
03 anos atráschromates83chromates83
Vchan (3 anos atrás) #2007524lucky you managed to get the sailor moon and uranus & neptune pointers! my proxy refused all my orders.... which proxy do you use?
Yes, I know, but my collection is incomplete at the moment cause of pluto and saturn's sold out :( Hope they'll do a third release. I used proxyrabbit, do u know it?
03 anos atrásNadouNadou
merci pour la friendrequest :)
03 anos atrásHooydenHooyden
Vchan (3 anos atrás) #1782153Oui, ca a été le seul point fort du film thor (et fabuleux dans les avengers)...sans compter le nombre de fanfic délicieuses écrites autour du personnage!

Ha bah Thor, et Avengers sans Loki ce serait très fade x) ... de toute manière il meriterait un film a lui tout seul !
j'ai pas lu de fanfics, mais je me doute que c'est pas ce qui doit manquer ^^/
moi je me delecte toujours autant de voir les photos sur FB des differents groupes de Loki, y'en a pas mal chaque jour , ca met en joie ! x)

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