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Changed my site around, everything's in one location now - reviews section merged with the blogs. Feel free to drop by and leave some comments! =)

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011 meses atrásFabienneFabienne
Hi, I wish you nice christmas holidays with your family have fun (*゚ー゚)ゞ
02 anos atrásskytoastskytoast
VisualFanfare (2 anos atrás) #1589100lol sorry, rejected your FR by accident. Stupid touch screen... ^_^'
No problem. Great collection and like all your insightful reviews.
02 anos atrásNeko_OniNeko_Oni
Saw your comment on the Elsa review: I was surprised more people on here didn't pick her up as she's very beautiful.

Also admiring you collection! FF fan! Also see a DQ title: have you played DQ IX?

Noticing your Macross collection as well. My husband is the bigger Macross fan, he's got all the dvds from the original series as well as an ancient movie poster and Veritech toy. (Minmay annoyed the hell out of me for some reason. >_>)
03 anos atrásTyjosAzariTyjosAzari
VisualFanfareLOL yup, huge Macross fan, so it doesn't help with budgets as the mechas are expensive as well! Used a Valkyrie as my avatar as I thought it was rather fitting to my username's abbreviation and my love for Macross! ^_^

I used to have the vintage SDF-1 back when I was really crazy for Mecha anime....yeah the Macross Frontier mecha I want are crazy expensive even the Macross fact today at lunch time and on the way home from work was watching the Macross Frontier finale movie and listening to the Soundtrack....good thing I got most of the Macross Music for sure.

You can check my pictures here to see some of the older ones from a few months back that shows the extent of what I had for Macross when I was collecting...I need to get a VF fighter for my collection now I only have a Mass Production model 1/100 scale sized mecha now.
03 anos atrásTyjosAzariTyjosAzari
VisualFanfareGL on the job search - will definitely need one with this hobby. -_____-

Well right now I'm getting a small paycheck but it's enough to add one or two more figures in and with my ebay sale this weekend adding a little bit more and covering the expenses related to collecting fairly well....need to get more to really break out of this slump I've been in for sure since gotta get some more figures to do some more reviewss and photos.

I can see you're a Macross Fan by the VF in your Avatar.....just finished watching the end of Macross Frontier Sayonara No Tsubasa which was an incredible movie which I'm planning on showing the last part at work tomororow at lunch break with my 8inch Cinepal Player or I'll show some Macross Frontier.

For sure have to educate those kids on Macross -well the other 2 that are there that apparently are limited in their knowledge of mecha anime-

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