"Patience is an important virtue in photography. Choosing a scene, then waiting for something magical to happen within that composition, requires faith and determination. But the payoff is priceless"_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
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019 dias atrásTinichanTinichan
You're welcome!^^
Where did you get all the ideas from? O.o
How much hours do you spent for your hobby?
11 mês atrásTinichanTinichan
Sooo beautiful and funny pictures, I love it....MOOORE! XD
17 meses atrásGioGio97GioGio97
Thank you for accepting my friend request!
18 meses atrásWndrenvyWndrenvy
Nice gallery! :D
Loving all your works! Great job!
11 ano atrássh3rlish3rli
allgroassai (1 ano atrás) #1405512Halo, Haha kyknya kenal :D

Lol ya iya lha kenal wakakakkaa

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