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Spice and Wolf
“Even if you have answers, you cannot always tell them to others. It is the way of the world.”

Holo the Wise Wolf
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"I am not so grand, not as a god. I am Holo, and Holo is all that I am."

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05 dias atrásAerostineAerostine
iTheShirt (5 dias atrás) #2408888I saw your upload of her panties. lol Thanks so much for the feedback. It's my pleasure. And enjoy her.

Hah, I couldn't resist... XD I will most certainly enjoy her! Happy selling~
05 dias atrásAerostineAerostine
Just wanted to let you know she got here safely and on time! She is IMPOSSIBLY adorable!<3 Thank you so much! Cheers~
011 dias atrásek1992osuek1992osu
iTheShirt (11 dias atrás) #2398354Hey, at least you still aren't in the wreck and are able to sell figures in one piece. Good luck with the sales, mate. :]

There is always a silver lining c:

I see you watch some airing anime. Anything this season?
011 dias atráskatsudonkatsudon Play-Along Tsukkomi
iTheShirt (12 dias atrás) #2396586Was it that good!? Wow, that's pretty damn fast for the first episode. I don't think I've seen it just yet but I'll be downloading it soon. Is that the English titling? I may have it already downloaded but in Japanese.

I don't know if it was that good, or I'm just an unapologetic Gundam/Sunrise fanboy haha. And that's not the English titling, the show is actually called Gundam Build Fighters Try. (I think there's a site that will be streaming the series, I just can't remember which one)
012 dias atrásek1992osuek1992osu
Selling stuff eh? I know all about that right now. Lost my car Friday in a wreck, selling some figures I have sentimental value to. But gotta do what I gotta do.

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