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Catching up on things after being away~

Hi my name's Christine and I will do almost anything to avoid studying .

I also spend way too much money on Love live and Yuri on Ice

Icon by @LuceveEa on twitter!

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016 dias atrásYasha_HikariYasha_Hikari
Hello! Your inbox is full, but I just wanted to let you know that my payment for the Suru GO has been sent. (:
020 dias atrássweetottersweetotter
isameille (24 dias atrás) #24047183Hey, your inbox is full (:

Sorry about that! Should be room now!
028 dias atrásakarinakarin
Hello! Your inbox is full. I wanted to message you your tracking #. If you need me to email it instead, please let me know! Thank you :)
01 mês atráskilanikilani Sayaka Rank
Hie ^^ I'm going to order (mfc link) I just wanted to make sure you are going to stay confirmed?
01 mês atrásYpsiiYpsii
Happy birthday and all the best wishes! Let your family and friends celebrate you and enjoy your special day! :)

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