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Catching up on things after being away~

Hi my name's Christine and I will do almost anything to avoid studying .

I also spend way too much money on Love live and Yuri on Ice

Icon by @LuceveEa on twitter!
Yuri!!! on Ice, Love Live, ATLA/LoK, Steven Universe
Danganronpa, Pokemon, Zelda, Animal Crossing

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Hi. Please clear your inbox. need to send you tracking
há 21 horas
isameille (3 dias atrás) #27195366Happy birthday~~ !! :)

Yay!! Thank you! :)
3 dias atrás
isameille (15 dias atrás) #26636822Hi there! I would like to send your shipping invoice but your inbox is full. Please clear some space and let me know so I can send it ^.^

Should be okay now.
14 dias atrás
Your inbox is full, so I'll have to let you know this way =v=. The Pearl acrylic charms for YoI are awaiting payment; your share would be 2128 yen, plus shipping. I can pick either Air packet (1240 yen split in half) or SAL (580 yen split in half); since there's just the two of us, and I don't mind either way, I'll let you decide whether you'd like slower and cheaper or faster and more expensive delivery :3.

Once your Inbox is open again (please leave a message/reply so I'll know), I'll send you my PayPal details that way~. The window of payment is by 4th of September, Japanese time. Thank you for taking part in the GO =w=! If there's other things from other orders you'd like to combine for shipping, let me know and I'll hold on to them when they arrive.
1 mês atrás
isameille (1 mês atrás) #25183235Ahhh sorry ! But thanks for letting me know(:
And nice!! Mine are Nozomi (with Maki as a close 2nd) and Hanamaru if you haven't guessed lmao. But I know you always go after those three for LL sunshine splits but I was curious who was your top :o

haha yeah! For Aquors it's hard for me to choose. But I think Yoshiko, then Riko then Dia if I had to pick.
1 mês atrás
Your inbox is full! But thank you for the package; everything arrived safely abd your note is so cute!!! X3 Btw my best girls are Nico and Maki (M's), and Dia, Riko and Yoshiko (probs Yoshiko as my top thooo!)
1 mês atrás
Hello! Your inbox is full, but I just wanted to let you know that my payment for the Suru GO has been sent. (:
2 meses atrás
isameille (2 meses atrás) #24047183Hey, your inbox is full (:

Sorry about that! Should be room now!
2 meses atrás
Hello! Your inbox is full. I wanted to message you your tracking #. If you need me to email it instead, please let me know! Thank you :)
2 meses atrás
kilaniPMlv36 Sayaka Rank
Hie ^^ I'm going to order club/618/discus... I just wanted to make sure you are going to stay confirmed?
3 meses atrás
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