orochimaruxsaberorochimaruxsaber I can't believe I showered for this!




hiiii :) i am orochimaruxsaber and i really wish i could change my name on here and i like to play the guitar badly and i like to build stuff

"I always thought there was nothing special about me.
That I would just kind of stumble through life,
never being able to help anyone or be of any use at all."

"It's true that I've saved a few people,
but in equal measure,
my heart has become filled with resentment and hatred."

if someone says it's wrong to have hope,
then i'll tell them they're wrong,
every single time.

times i'v watched rebellion 4/100 (0v0)b

my wishlist & upcoming purchases:
~Madoka figma - homura school uniform, all the other girls in magical outfit
~Madoka Beach Queens - any
~Hidamari Sketch nendoroids
~both gsc homuras


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0há 4 horas (há 4 horas)redxmaverickredxmaverick
I think the world is telling me to buy more garage kits. lol

All these wonfest GKs appearing on twitter and one E2046 kit that's been on my wishlist for years finally went in stock. [ext link ] One of my favorite female fighting game characters. AHHHHHHHHHH

Taking a break from work. xD
12 dias atrásUnhappyThiefUnhappyThief
orochimaruxsaber (2 dias atrás) #23670720please accept my friend request i will give you $5 dont tell anyone...

I somehow managed to do that, for the first time of my life I am proud of myself. ummmm(ano)->(my weeb side is too strong to hold back) wer r ma fiv buck i need them to buy mor plastic plis u donut understind the plastic it like heroin to me
12 dias atrás (2 dias atrás)UnhappyThiefUnhappyThief
I am currently crushing on you, I appreciate your existence, glad your parents havn't used protection etc.
My tiny(yet still shrinking) brain cannot figure out how to send a friend request here(after like fuccin half a year on this site) but if it could i sure would have swiped you right.
110 dias atrásChocolateSpiderChocolateSpider
Oh goodie! New friendship! Let's celebrate with ravioli! XD
110 dias atrásChocolateSpiderChocolateSpider
I laughed so hard when I read that ravioli bit at the top. XD

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