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01 ano atrásthrillsmiththrillsmith
paozomi (1 ano atrás) #6044868Hello! I would like to ask how much your shipping was for Snow Miku 2014. Thank you :)
Welp, this is late! I'm sorry! It was about 4000 yen, but I bought EMS shipping and combined it with another item, so that might not be the best estimate! It's gonna be expensive though, the box is indeed huge.
01 ano atrásBloosicaBloosica
Thanks for the FR ^_^
01 ano atrásChristownChristown
paozomi (1 ano atrás) #5658920I noticed you bought the Yuki Yuna Alter figure! I have been wondering, how much was shipping?

Hi there,

It will depend on what region of the world you live in, but her shipping weight should be around 1.8kg, so use that to check on the shipping table to see the rate for your area.

01 ano atrásBagelChanBagelChan
Thanks for the FR! (*^▽^)/
01 ano atrásEmboar500Emboar500
View spoilerHide spoiler>>>Merry Christmas!!!<<<

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