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Hello! ♡

I'm Em, a college student from England whose hobbies include drawing, skating and- obviously- collecting anime figures. Do I spend far too much money on figures? Yes, probably. Is that going to stop me buying more? Of course not.

My love in life is ice skating, and I also collect skating-related items in addition to figures. I loved watching it when I was little, but my interest had waned until I watched Yuri!!! On Ice. That got me interested in watching figure skating again, which in turn lead to me properly taking up skating myself. Skating has had a big impact in my life, so in a funny way I owe a lot to that simple sports anime. I probably love it a little too much, but hey- it makes me happy.

I have rly bad anxiety, so sorry if I don't reply to messages etc

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Anime, Figures and Manga For Less!


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