revarrierevarrie ★ Aryn 「エリーン」, connoisseur of all things cute

aryn, female. aspiring professional illustrator and graphic novelist.
cosplayer, historical re-enactor, writer, music appreciator, perfectionist, pescetarian. loves anime/manga, video games, pink, polka dots, and cute things. anglo-/japanophile. pastimes include reading, learning, eating, sleeping, taking walks, contemplating; getting into political debates.


Hello! I'm just a crazy fangirl who loves to draw and has an unrelenting passion for adorable things. I'm an art school student majoring in Illustration. I'm obsessed with history (i.e. British and American military history) and am an aspiring historical fiction graphic novelist. Please don't hesitate to talk to me; I absolutely love to meet other folks with similar interests! ❤

I collect anime and video game merchandise. I've been collecting anime figures since 2009, though I never really took off with it until 2013. I collect figures and character goods from my favourite series. I've also been collecting Pokémon merchandise since 2006~2007, my favourite being Glaceon, whom I started with in 2008.


Check out my artwork here! ⇐


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