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04 meses atrásSirisSiris
Thanks!! I love that one. I hope Megahouse doesn't delay too much with it. It's totally different and with all the ninken, I really love it :D
I just discover the Le Petit Prince in your profile, it's fantastic, I need it :P

samkaizoku (4 meses atrás) #19951120Love your Kakashi collection! I bet you will be getting this one as well right? xD
item #549448
04 meses atrás (4 meses atrás)DBZFanGirl2284DBZFanGirl2284
samkaizoku (5 meses atrás) #19167573Happy birthday! :D

Thank you! =D
01 ano atrásOtaconOtacon
samkaizoku (1 ano atrás) #13476242Happy birthday! Enjoy!

Thank you!
01 ano atrásjaysonchuajaysonchua
I posted the picture already, but is not photogenic hahaha
01 ano atrásIpManIpMan
Haha yeah thats the Same I thought, When I saw the announcement. Mine Is 23 cm and I hope They
Will make a larger one , 3ü cm would be awesome but AT least 25 cm. If he is smaller
Than mine, thatd be a dissapointment.. and yeah I should be finished These days ^^

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