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The kind of figure design I like are science fiction and cyberpunk character like cyborgs, humanoids, mecha related. Since im very fond of the world of giant mecha, aliens, future technologies, space and electronica, cyberpunk world. I also like maids, some gothic Lolita and I also into mixture of traditional Japanese and modern design. I dont really know how to describe the kind of style I like, if there is a term please do tell me.. It basically comes down to the design of the figures.

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04 anos atrásSionaSiona
w8verid3r (4 anos atrás) #1698637thx for excepting my fr~ see you also like tsutomu nihei Manga hey.. I got hooked on his works on knight of Sidonia recently couldn't stop reading it! :)

Nihei works are excellent yes :D, too bad there's so few figures of them.
Maybe it will be different with Sidonia when the anime will start.
04 anos atrásSionaSiona
Hey, thanks for the FR :).
04 anos atrásGlitchymooGlitchymoo
w8verid3r (4 anos atrás) #1249375thx for the add~ :)

No worries ^^ Thx for accepting my FR.
04 anos atrás (4 anos atrás)SilverySilvery
w8verid3r (4 anos atrás) #1235113thank you Silvery~ :) nice to meet another cyborg and mecha enthusiast~ and pretty much also like u~ im a cyborg wannabe's.. and also cant live without a good dose of music everyday~ lol~ :D mind if i add u as fren? also like ur action figs collection~ :)
Ha ha, of course, go ahead!
Your collection is great, too - mechas and pretty badass girls make the best combination. ^^
And I really like your photos, especially those of figma BRSB - they look like official figma promo photos!
04 anos atrásSilverySilvery
Just dropping by to say that your avatar picture is awesome. Love cyborgs and mechas, too. :)

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