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Jak trafiłem na Twój profil, to przez chwilę myślałem, że jestem u siebie :D

Instant FR :)
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Curado (12 dias atrás) #25735636Thx :P
I see that You also like Vocaloids :)
I like talking about stuff related to anime, so if You'll be bored, feel free to message me :P

I'll take you up to that offer sometime :)
018 dias atrásfranjandarfranjandar
Curado (18 dias atrás) #25483583Yo. Thank You for FR. It's nice to meet you :P
No problem and it's also very nice to meet you! I really like your collection!
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Curado (1 mês atrás) #24190680Yo
Since you have the PFM 2000, I'll use this opportunity to ask.
Are they durable ?
I was thinking for some time, about buying the PA DX, but since the price is high-ish, I'm gathering the info first :P

Pretty much, and sensations are awesome too. It actually comes with a bottle of lube and a cute pair of panties. The design is random depending on the package you get, I personnaly got a pinkish shimapan so I won't complain since I love striped panties like this! I know there is also some with strawberry =)

Just a bit (a big) problem with the panties is that the size is way too big to fit the onahip properly. So what I did was to cut each side to then tied a node, now it fits her perfectly. And seeing such a cute lolicious ass with that sort of panties is truly exciting... looks litteraly like a 2D loli is waiting for you to fuck her pussy xd

The lube is very good, the bottle sucks for applying though but the quantity is really nice.

I personnaly prefer the sensations of the pussy, but the ass is nice too. Just keep in mind that due to the open-ending (which is great for washing) you'll for normaly see the top of your chinchin poping out through this hole at each trust. The inner lenght just isn't long enough so if you wanna go "balls-deep" that's how it's going to be.

I don't mind it and I even love this gimmick now, but I now some people wouldn't like that.

Of course, if you are like 10cm once hard, you won't have this problem. Personnaly I'm 17cm and I always have to go through this. Surprisingly, it does not make a mess with lube pouring out from the hole and shit.

To enhence the thing, I also have some smell fetish that I regularly apply on the pair of panties as well as on my dakimakura collection. It's just an add-on but it works great for me, simply smell super sweet like a loli would.

An other thing, I recommand you to use an onahole warmer if you don't already have one. Simply plug it in a USB port and it'll start warming up in less than 5mn. Then just put it inside the hole you wanna fuck first (pussy or anal) and enjoy. I assure you that there is a HUGE difference between fucking a cold hole and a hot, tight, and wet one !

For the lube, once the bottle provided is empty I recommand two lube which to me are the best ever. Onatsuyu lotion from Toys Heart and Ubujiru from Magic Eyes (blonde naked loli on the artwork, that's an other valuable reason tu buy it)

Magic Eyes is my favorite brand, you can check some of their product which for the most are incredible! (like the sujiman kupa series)

I leave you all the link of what I own down bellow :

- [ext link ]
- [ext link ]
- [ext link ]
- [ext link ]
- [ext link ]
- [ext link ]
- [ext link ]

A few awesomeness from magic eyes too:

- [ext link ]
- [ext link ]
- [ext link ]
- [ext link ]
- [ext link ] (this one made me drooling and drooling, in hardcore doujinshi, I have a real fetish for womb penetration and prolapsed uterus with cervix deformation)

I have my Puni Ana DX on my way home btw, it just left Osaka yesterday so with EMS I should have it by the end of the week.

I hope I helped you =)
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Thank you very much! ^^
04 meses atrásIAIA
Happy birthday !
04 meses atrásAbby9960Abby9960 Aquamancer Mage
Happy Birthday ^^!
04 meses atrásCybogirlCybogirl
Happy birthday! hope you have a great day!
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Curado (11 meses atrás) #15175617

Thank you! <3
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Curado (1 ano atrás) #9850516Yeah i know. They really should add something, to ensure originality. Even simple card or something would be enough.
At least during conventions you can check all of them in person, but when you order from the shops like ebay etc, it can be risky :P And sometimes you have to take a risk, cuz in many cases it's hard to find Dakis, that were released a long time ago.
BTW, sorry for my delayed replies, but i had a lot to do for the past couple days :P.

[ext link ]

Did you see this. I had thought to perhaps put in a bit, but this went out of control so quickly and so fast. 71k /*O*\ Yep, a fake is the way to go. Just think, this one was clearly legit, but missed the paper proofing that, was used and damaged and went for 71k, then one in mint condition is pretty much worth double, 10-15k, roughly half a month salary.

No, I'll pass. Guess the dream will remain a dream...forever.
01 ano atrás (1 ano atrás)dymitrdymitr
Curado (1 ano atrás) #9714751Here you have few pics
... ...fromm peach skin)

Thanks for the info. Especially the stretch difference fact will come in handy.
I always find it very annoying that legit doujin dakis don't come with a tag or something that shows the legality on the item. You only have the small washing tag piece of paper that shows the manufacturer... It gets lost easily, making finding legit old doujin dakis nearly impossible ;.;
01 ano atrásdymitrdymitr
Curado (1 ano atrás) #9654866~sigh. Yeah, I know that feeling, I really know it -_-
Unfortunately I don't have good news. She's not original. I bought her on the ebay :P
I looked through many depths of the internet, both english and japanese sites, and I couldn't find her anywhere, so i decided to just get her from ebay, and continue to look for the original version, but honestly I'm sceptical if it's still possible to find her.
As to why, I have her added to my list - My sister added her, and I decided to leave it like that :P
Honestly, she is mostly identical to the original version, if You want I can show you some pictures.
Technically I'm against "not original" but sometimes there's just no other way (unfortunately).

I'm very sorry to hear that your copy is not "legit". I had a sliver of hope the moment I saw that someone owned Tamamo. I know what you're talking about, I've contemplated so many times whether or not I should get myself a fake made of high quality material...I've always moved it forward, considering that I can do that at any point and was not ready to give up on a authentic ver.
I'm still not ready, but after searching for it for so long I'm considering it again. Luckily I've still got other dakis I'm hunting too, to keep my mind off it XD.

I would love to see some pics =), and if you also own authentic doujin 2-way tricot dakimakura, I would love it if you can tell me how well the twostack up against each other. I've heard that their can be huge differences between 2-way tricot material of different origins.
01 ano atrásdymitrdymitr
Would you mind if I asked you where you find this item item #138071 ?
It is still a burning desire of my mine to own it.
02 anos atrásDeadlyAnimeDeadlyAnime Web Designer
View spoilerHide spoilerYou are the birthday star today... Happy birthday! ...xD ...xD
02 anos atrásTiamat26Tiamat26
Forget shades oh grey.. I much prefer your shades of Miku blue collection.

= )

03 anos atráskenneoskenneos
Curado (3 anos atrás) #2390681Your inbox is full so i'm answering here.
Yes, it's still for sale :)

PM send ^^
03 anos atrásAnaAna
Przypadkiem znowu tu trafiłam przeglądając MFC i wow... zazdroszczę tej BJD Miku! >w< A jak przyjedzie do ciebie PureNeemo Shiro to daj znać jak wyszła im. Sama zamówiłam ale ostatecznie z niej zrezygnowałam, bo bałam się co do jakości wykonania ;w;
03 anos atrás (3 anos atrás)CuradoCurado
Alice_ (3 anos atrás) #2260238A, mieliśmy na razie już nie zamawiać przecież :)
item #78582

Niby tak, ale jako że się okazyjnie trafiła to trzeba było skorzystać >_<
A poza tym już prawie cała seria z Miku Append będzie skolekcjonowana nie licząc GK.

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