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Keripo's Plushie Collection
See this post and more at Keripo's Corner

Combined pics of my plushies, since KILANI said "put them all in one photo"

Per request of KILANI, I went around the house, gathered my various plushies/pillows/cloth-stuff/etc, and took some pics. So here they are, enjoy!



Office at work:
- ITEM #123006
- ThinkGeek's Sushi plush (sold out)
- ITEM #14249
- ITEM #118049
- ITEM #78654
- ITEM #14240
- ThinkGeek's Portal 2 Turret plush
- bootlegged Hatchune Miku plush
- unknown frog pillow
- Bethesda's Cacodemon plush

My office normally. Photo taken facing the boring wall, cause I can't show you what's currently on my work desk, shhhhh!
(you can see an older pic here and here though).

Messenger bag:
- unofficial Hatsune Miku messenger bag
- unofficial gashapon Domo-Kun karate hang-up
- ITEM #77599
- custom pin I designed in 6th grade, featuring my original character, Noblesse

- ITEM #156432
- TY Beanie Baby Pouch the Kangaroo
- really old white bunny plush I got when I was born (patched and with an added tail tuff)
- unknown cat plush gift from friend
- another unknown cat plush gift from friend

Normally the plushies are on my bed, but I moved them to the window sill for better lighting

Living room comfy chair:
- ITEM #20154
- Neco-Arc hand puppet (needs MFC entry)
- ITEM #20155
- ITEM #15883
- ITEM #34155
- ITEM #20156
- ITEM #14381
- ITEM #15888
- ITEM #120531

That chair was originally meant for guests, but looks like they'll have to settle for the couch or the ground now xD

Living room couch:
- custom Arcueid bed sheet (used as couch cover)
- custom Saber dakimakura (cause almost all the Saber dakis out there are pretty perverted)
- ITEM #16087
- ITEM #16088
- ITEM #15886
- ITEM #16085
- ITEM #16086
- ITEM #15884
- ITEM #15885
- ITEM #15883 (I have 2)
- ITEM #111003
- ITEM #113299

The Tsukihime plushies are usually hung on my row of Expedits, but I figure I'd move them (and my Saber daki) to the couch to make for a better picture. And yes, I'm still not done unboxing all my figures and populating my Detolfs... orz

My entire TYPE-MOON plushie/linen/etc. collection. With a guest appearance by Aoi, borrowing Arcueid's outfit. I realized that I forgot to include the C72 ALL AROUND TYPE-MOON towel, Comp Ace July 2008 Appendix's TYPE-MOON HEROINES microtowel, C78 Mahou Tsukai no Haku cushion hang-up, and the C81 Carnival Phantasm Towel - oops! Also didn't include ITEM #153463 cause it's NSFW (and also cause I refuse to open it cause Arc is mai pure waifu)



P.S.: If you happen to be selling any of these plushies on my wishlist, please let me know! ^_^
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Awesome collection :) That one dark-brown kitty cat is a TY cat I can. I should post my KEY plushie collection sometime.
7 anos atrás
Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Im selling 2 ouran high plushies in case youre interested

Honey and kyouya :) never "used" them they just catch dust next to my bed..

Also nice collection i admire dedicated ppl!
7 anos atrás
kilani Sayaka Rank
Whoa! Thank you for taking pics for me ^^ That's so cool of you, and your collection is nice! Lol, the little berserker.. XD

You could always take pics and use cute girl vectors as censors. That's what I do lh5.googleuserc...
7 anos atrás
Leosach Born this way
The thing i like the most is they way you display things, it's so colorful! but at the same time it's not confuzing, really like ^^
7 anos atrás
All so cute! I know it's not anime related, but I love the bunny you got when you were born. I was also first given a bunny when I was born. Your collection is spectacular though. I love your dedication to Arcueid.
7 anos atrás