Monokuma and Monomi Nendoroid review!Monokuma and Monomi Nendoroid review!Review

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Hey guys so today I’m going to try review something a little different! NENDOROIDS!

I’ll be reviewing Monomi and Monokuma from Super Dangan Ronpa 2 in a single review (since they are a set, you know). I’ve never done a Nendoroid review before so please let me know what you thought and if you have any questions feel free to post a comment!

NOTE: Colours may not be 100% accurate due to the use of artificial lighting for almost all photos but I have done my best to edit them~ Also I will NOT be giving scores as its too hard for me! (Will give my opinion though)


A LITTLE ABOUT THE GAME: As the Dangan Ronpa Anime airs (and ends next week(?)) GSC have taken their chance to release Monokuma and Monomi! Please note they ARE filed under Super Dangan Ronpa 2 which is set AFTER the first game (so you will be seeing monokuma again DR anime watching folks! ) I wouldn't say they're are the main characters but they serve as something like mascots? Monomi (AKA Usami-sensei) brings her class of 16 somewhat students to a deserted island in order to build a relationship of ‘hope’ between students and Monokuma, being an antagonist, pops out of nowhere and forces everyone to kill each other. (This is the basic plot of SDR2/DR so no major spoilers)

Now with the basic information aside lets get going~

These two are the first Nendoroids I have with the new packaging and personally I really like the new modern and simplistic design! They've picked about 3 colours and worked with that instead of the eyedazzling patterns and shapes that used to be on the old boxes making it a seem a lot sleeker!

(Top: Front Bottom: Back)

L:8cm W:12cm H: 21cm

A total of three windows: the front panel and two circular panels on both sides. As nendoroids aren’t made to be displayed in their boxes its logical not to throw panels everywhere. The general box material is the same as usual, sturdy, noncorrugated cardboard with a glossy finish. Also because the box is smaller it feels somewhat sturdier  The inside is a two piece blister made with sturdy plastic!

(Right/Left side of boxes)

(Top and bottom of boxes)

This may just have been a problem with just mine, but my Monokuma came with 2 pieces of tape on the left and right sides while my Monomi didn’t have any at all ( anyone else who does have Monomi have the same problem? )

The box is also covered with a various poses which we will be replicating later!

I will be reviewing Monokuma first then Monomi!

If you have played the game/watched the anime this bear is 50% kindness and 50% evil! Or so he says, monokuma is a monochrome (hence the name) bear who’s aim is to bring despair to the student’s of Hope’s Peak Academy!


Here is a look at all the pieces without the box!

And now with all the pieces laid out.

Monokuma comes with:
-2 faceplates (one default one alt: Laughing)
-1 mallet
-1 switch
-3 pairs of arms (6 arms in total)
-2 pairs of legs (Default + sitting)
-1 body
-1 base

When I first picked him up I was really surprised at how light he was! I thought he would be quite solid but in reality he is very fragile. A bit like an eggshell? Also they used a matte finish so he isn’t shiny and the texture and feel is pretty much like the hair on most nendoroids.

A 360 so you get an idea of what I’m reviewing!


I tried to replicate all the poses that were shown on the box and it was successful! I’m glad they mixed the multiple sets of arms to get different poses though I would have liked if they had a separate default hand and mallet hand :< the hole there is a bit distracting. . Also it took me a really long time to figure out the mallet head comes off so that it can slide through the hole in Monokuma’s hand (if you do get him you will have to pull quite hard). Additionally I really would have liked to have a sweating(?) faceplate.

Mr Mallet

Talking about faceplates, as Monokuma/Monomi have a different overall structure their heads consists of 3 pieces.
The back of the head, the faceplate and the bottom part which contains the joint (as pictured)


I’m going to be very honest I really hate how they did the head, the front and back have little tracks which the third piece slots into and taking it apart is the biggest headache.


To change the faceplate you have to put a lot of effort into prying the top two parts apart and then very slowly wriggling them until they separate. Of course when you get used to it its fine but I was so scared I would break it. Also because you have to handle the head quite a bit with your hands I’m conscious of the white side getting dirty so I actually went and washed my hands before this review (ahahahah.)

On a side note the head doesn’t really move at all. You can probably move it to the left/right maybe three or four degrees but generally it doesn’t really turn without there being a gap between the head and body (as the underside of the head is curved so that it sits nicely on the body in default position.)


As Monokuma and Monomi had very simple designs I was very harsh in how I judged the painting.

Monokuma’s black side is just solid black without any shading, which is logical considering that it is black and the white side uses a bluish tint to shade. I’m not particularly disliking the choice of blue as shading as it would probably look better than grey (too much of a contrast with the white?).


However I found some places where the painting was quite rough or a little off. Again I am being strict seeing as this figure is so simple.


I really like the metallic paint they used for Monokuma’s eye though! I thought they would use a decal but its actual metallic red paint so I’m a little surprised! I really like his laughing faceplate~


There isn’t much to say about the base as it’s the normal GSC square base so onto Monomi!



Monomi ,as stated before, is also known as Usami-sensei, the teacher for the children at Hope’s Peak Academy, until Monokuma crashes the party, breaks Usami’s magical stick and paints her half pink. Monokuma forces her into the role of being his ‘little sister’ (though to be honest they aren’t related in any way besides the fact they look like they’re from the same species). She has a very peculiar way of speaking and is pretty much not regarded as a teacher in any way. really.

NOTE: I’m heard that there was a second round of preorders available from amiami and I HIGHLY recommend getting her, my reasons cannot be said. But please consider this cute little rabbit!

Again here’s a look at all the pieces in the box and all laid out!

Monomi comes with:
-2 faceplates (default + crying)
-1 body
-1 pair of legs
-1 magical stick
-2 pairs of ears (4 in total)
-3 sets of arms (+ 1 extra. 7arms in total)
-1 base

Monomi looks very cute at first glance and seems a little larger than Monokuma, though it may just be the nappy, making the bottom half of her look bigger….

A quick 360 to get things going~

I complained about Monokuma not having a hand separate to his mallet holding hand and look what they’ve done with Monomi! Gone and given her a separate arm (though then again she only has the stick prop)!!! Same as Monokuma I do wish that Monomi had a shocked faceplate.

Funnily enough Monomi’s faceplate does seem a little easier to take in/out though the ears must be perfectly parallel to their slots otherwise it’s a pain to get in as it gets jammed.

The poses for monomi were fairly easy to put together as well as being able to make a few more poses when she has so many arms. I don’t mind that they didn’t give us any sitting legs like Monokuma since I don’t think she ever sits //HAHAHA. Some complimentary rope would be nice //shot


What I would have liked is also her Usami form! I know that would be way too much to ask but magical girl Monomi is really cute~
Here were a few problems that I spotted on Monomi, mainly the dot of glue that squirted out when the mouth was applied, its shiny so it’s pretty noticeable....

Also the back of the arm that’s used in the crying pose, the back you can still see part of the joint whereas the other arm the joint is fully concealed, may be a manufacture error but I'm not too happy with that…



With Monomi I have close to NO problems with painting! Horray! No smudges or out of line paint, its really a step up from Monokuma~ Im really happy with it! The decals are also great ^q^) I couldn’t be happier!

Theres pink airbrushing used for around her stomach and near her nappy to give it a bit more depth, shame there isn’t any for around her ears though since Monokuma had some too.


Again I will be pretty critical with these two~

I am happy with these two figures though for something so simple the painting for Monokuma was a let down. I hope that those that get the re-release have good painting like Monomi! The poses are very in character but again I would have like an additional faceplate instead of so many arms QAQ).

The colours and poses that can be recreated are all very truthful to the sprites in the game! However Monomi is supposed to be shorter than Monokuma which bothers me a little but all nendos are the same height regardless so I guess it doesn’t matter too much ^q^)

I find that its more fun to have them both than have one or the other, especially when they do interact (even the example on monomi’s box has Monokuma).

For the amount of money I paid for these two I also think it is a little bit disappointing. If you’re not an avid fan of the Dangan Ronpa series these probably aren’t for you. I’m trying my best not to be biased, especially when I’ve been following the series from quite early on so I’m being honest when I think that its not worth the money looking at the quality and entertainment these two offer for someone not so keen.

Some additional photos~

Sneaking up on Monokuma~ not a good idea

Head swap!

Monomi's crying face is really adorable SOB

That aside I’m looking forward to getting Naegi in December! Also the other Dangan Ronpa Nendoroids that might come later~

Thanks for Reading and have a despairing good day!

"Onii-chan no BAKAAAAAA"
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Nice and informative review! I didn't notice how rough some of the nendoroid parts were, so I ran back to have a look. The main problem I had with Monomi was the paint transfer of the bow onto her head :(
6 anos atrás
Leo223344556 anos atrás#1746904Yes! Though to be honest theres not much to see through the windows XD But its a nice touch~
Maybe conbsider finding the second run they had? Maybe they popped the quality up a bit :< Monomi was perfectly fine for me so they might have noticed and fixed it up?

I 'll try to get one on Mandarake, I will try my luck there.
6 anos atrás
jkb6 anos atrás#1745637Good job on the review !
Nice touch on the box's side, plastic circle window where you can see through inside.
I agree, those painting deffects are annoying for a simple nendoroid like that, even the fact I'm considering to hunt them now, this lack of quality control is getting me. Damn you GSC ! (= I want them but I'm worried of getting painting deffects on crucial points of the nendoroid)

Yes! Though to be honest theres not much to see through the windows XD But its a nice touch~

Maybe conbsider finding the second run they had? Maybe they popped the quality up a bit :< Monomi was perfectly fine for me so they might have noticed and fixed it up?
6 anos atrás
Nice review. What I didn't like about Monokuma's painting job is the blue shade...otherwise Monokuma is 10/10 ><
6 anos atrás
Good job on the review !

Nice touch on the box's side, plastic circle window where you can see through inside.

I agree, those painting deffects are annoying for a simple nendoroid like that, even the fact I'm considering to hunt them now, this lack of quality control is getting me. Damn you GSC ! (= I want them but I'm worried of getting painting deffects on crucial points of the nendoroid)
6 anos atrás
Nice review!, I really like it when members do side by side review's, very interesting! good job.
6 anos atrás
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