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Angel Beats! - Tenshi - 1/8 (Good Smile Company)Angel Beats! - Tenshi - 1/8 (Good Smile Company)

simakaisimakai8 anos atrásReview
Got lots of figures recently, but I didn't have internet since I moved. The problem is now solved, so expect a lot of reviews from me in the next few days!

I'll begin with Tenshi, AKA Tachibana Kanade from Angel Beats. I must say I prefer Yurippe as a character, but her figure didn't look so good to me, while this Kanade made me "wow" enough to pre-order her on the first day without a second thought. Now that I have her, let's see if it was worth it!




Nothing too interesting here: a simple non-corrugated box, not too big, but not that small. The design doesn't appeal me at all, but it does the job of keeping our angel safe, so 7/10 and let's get to something more interesting.


Well, let's make a tour! As usual, sorry for the crappy pictures. Also, I didn't take wingless pictures, I had enough troubles to put the wings so I didn't want to remove them, and then put them back...





She looks lovely from every angle. The wings cut some view from the sides, but it's not so bad, and they're beautiful enough by themselves anyway.

Speaking of the famous wings: they're made of a fragile plastic, not PVC. I don't know how it's called, but it's very very light (which is a good thing because it won't put a strain on the figure over time), but it could break easily if you're not careful - and since putting the wings on her back is kinda difficult, you can't just force them there (which is bad). Personnally it took me a few minutes to put the wings on, but they're now very stable, but I don't dare touch them... ^^;

Other than that, she's nicely detailed, even for a simple schoolgirl look. The way her skirt opens look realistic, and her hair looks very nice. They put every details on her uniform, no ugly seem line, but only nice pleats. She also has nice legs for a short girl...^^ Her fingers look nice, even the little ribbons she has looks perfect.

Is it me, or her head looks a bit... big? It's almost as big as her frail shoulders... When I put her next to another 1/8, let's say Ookami Ryouko, she looks smaller since Ookami is tall while Kanade is small, but her head is bigger... well, it's Angel Beats' design and not a sculpting problem, since the rest of her is nicely propotionned, but it still bugs me a little. I won't give less points for that tho.

I give the sculpting 8/10, the wings look nice but it would be better if they were less fragile. Other than that, it's nothing hard to pull, but it's been pulled very nicely.


This one looks perfect to me. No bleeing, no ugly lines, only smooth and nice coloring. The different shades in her hair look lovely, and the way her wings go from white to pale blue to transparent is gorgeous, especially in the daylight.

For the record, I also took a panties shot:

View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://img11.hostingpics.net/pics/652543P1010030.jpg

It's mostly white, with blue details. The fact they went out of their way to put some paint there shows the dedication into painting for this figure, I think. I give 9/10, GSC's painting is as good as always on this figure.


I think this pose really shows Kanade's character: almost expressionless but still smiling faintly. Her hands closing near her chest can be seen as a prayer, or as a way to protect the heart "given" by Otonashi, anyway it adds to the calmness of the pose.


She's an angel descending upon us to try to bring us the joy of school we were denied when we were alive - or simply descending on our collection to give us some gentleness. The way her hair and skirt flows around her really indicate that she's descending, and also:


She doesn't look as good when looked at from above. So it's better to keep her at eye level or over.

I give 9/10 for the pose, it's nothing hard to pull, but it's so much in character, and even if you don't know the series you can't help but notice how gentle this angel schoolgirl looks.



A transparent base, with Angel Beats logo. The colors don't really match Tenshi, but it works anyway, it's a bit large if she doesn't have the wings, but with the wings it's okay. She's very stable and that's the most important thing. 7/10


While I expected a little more from the wings, I can say that this Tenshi looks beautiful. I'm usually into action or sexy girls, but this one is so soothing and peaceful and nice. I'm glad I didn't resist her, and I'm sad Yurippe doesn't look as good. If you liked Angel Beats and Kanade, if you like soothing angels, or if you like almost expressionless schoolgirls, this one is for you. Her price isn't so high considering her high quality, so she's definitely worth it - if you see her, grab her! As for me, I'm giving 10/10 for the enjoyment, and I'll keep her for a long time, that's for sure!
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this base is even nicer than the other GSC version. great review
1 mês atrás
Great Figures, Amazing Service, Fantastic Price!

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